Quizlet Drives 42% Conversion Rate With a Cross-Channel Strategy

Quizlet, which helps users achieve learning goals, conceived a campaign that encouraged users to start and maintain a streak of consecutive days on the platform. Using multiple Braze Canvases and messaging through multiple channels, Quizlet was able to achieve a 42% conversion rate and drove 4.6 million sessions.

Quizlet believes that with the right tools—like its flashcards and games—and the right spirit, anyone can learn anything. Apparently, many people agree: 60 million users sign in to use Quizlet’s digital learning tools monthly. And it’s not just personal enrichment driving this impressive number. Teachers are also using Quizlet to empower, engage, and inspire students of all ages.

Such a large, engaged user base offers huge potential for optimizing marketing and other communications through data collection and analysis. But prior to using Braze, Quizlet was designing and managing email campaigns with a CRM platform that required engineering support any time they needed to make adjustments to campaigns and didn’t have full-featured targeting and filtering tools.

Encouraging Engagement by Keeping Track of Activity

To engage customers in new ways, Quizlet came up with the idea of keeping track of users’ streaks (i.e.their consecutive days or weeks with activity on Quizlet). It’s a fun approach for users, helping them to both form good study habits and drive increased engagement with Quizlet’s app and website. To promote the campaign, keep users updated, and remind them when their streak is at risk, Quizlet uses a combination of email, in-app messages (IAMs), push notifications, and Braze Content Cards.

Quizlet effectively engaged users to flow in one streak and re-enter the journey by designing a flow with multiple Braze Canvases, our customer journey builder. By operating a series of Canvases, Quizlet can control for all likely outcomes across their planned journey.

All eligible users are automatically entered into the Canvas each week. Users flow down the Canvas, and then a webhook is triggered to either give someone a streak or take it away. Every user enters into the Canvas; if the user studies in the first three days, they’ll hit the streak webhook, which will add to their streak count. Using other attributes in the Canvas, messaging is personalized with stats about the current streak. Braze Intelligent Timing is used to deliver messages to each user during the unique high-engagement windows when they’re likely to be most receptive.

“Braze has helped us design a flexible, targeted, and testable streak campaign that allows us to focus on downstream metrics, like driving incremental sessions and subscriptions,” says

Maddie Groves, Head of Lifecycle Marketing at Quizlet.

Quizlet Results: High Conversion Rate, Increased Engagement

By reaching customers with a campaign coordinated through multiple channels, Quizlet was able to enlarge its funnel and engage customers with a campaign that introduces a layer of gamification to their use of the product, and incentivizes customers to use Quizlet more regularly. The campaign achieved a conversion rate of 42%, and its Canvases were entered more than 1 billion times, driving 4.6 million sessions.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, to drive engagement, you have to get a little creative. Quizlet wants to help learners form good study habits, and when they do with the company’s features and flashcards, the learners enjoy the results. With savvy use of multiple Canvases, Quizlet was able to design a campaign that made forming these habits fun for users—while at the same time, driving increased use and engagement..

To learn more about the power of Braze Canvas, watch the video, “Intro to Braze Canvas, Our Customer Journey Tool.”