Joe & the Juice Revamped Their Loyalty Flow With Personalized Messaging That Drives Revenue
56% Increase in revenue


Joe & the Juice, a global healthy-eating lifestyle brand, wanted to revamp their loyalty flow to better engage their growing customer base and drive more customer lifetime value. Specifically, they were looking to move from standard transactional messaging to a personalized loyalty card experience, all while maintaining operational efficiency for their lean team.


Using Braze and Braze Alloy technology partner mParticle, Joe & the Juice created automated customer journeys for their loyalty program via multiple channels like email, in-app messages, and push notifications. Personalized by relevant user data and behavior, the messages were designed to encourage repeat visits and purchases by enticing users with products they were interested in buying.


The campaign led to a 56% increase in revenue, a 75% increase in loyalty card sales, and significant time savings in connection with marketing processes.

Joe & the Juice, a Danish-born trailblazer in the food and beverage industry, serves up juices, coffee, shakes, and more to health-conscious consumers around the world. Their mission, deeply rooted in energizing the fast-paced lives of their customers, is brought to life through a variety of fresh, nutritious offerings and contemporary, inviting spaces. With 338 operations across Europe, Asia, and North America, Joe & the Juice has become synonymous with a lifestyle choice that prioritizes well-being and convenience. Their commitment to quality and innovation is not just limited to their product offerings but extends into every facet of their brand experience.

Recently, the Joe & the Juice team embarked on a major digital transformation journey with Braze, aiming to enhance customer engagement as a way to optimize their loyalty program. As a global brand, they faced the challenge of effectively engaging their growing customer base while maintaining operational efficiency.

Building Loyalty with Mobile Communications

The team recognized the need to evolve their marketing strategies in a digital era where customer experience is paramount. This led to a strategic pivot, focusing on harnessing their mobile app's potential not just as a service channel but also as a way to foster deeper, more meaningful customer relationships. The goal was to transition from standard transactional interactions to personalized customer journeys aligning with their brand ethos of adding real value to the daily lives of their customers.

Addressing the challenge of engaging their active user base, Joe & the Juice leveraged Braze to automate and personalize their marketing processes. The primary objective was to motivate users to commit to a prepaid loyalty card, ensure their return, and ultimately boost customer retention. They also needed to ensure the solution was efficient, especially for the small team leading global efforts.

First, they leveraged Braze Alloy technology partner mParticle to identify and segment audiences based on purchasing behavior and preferences. Ultimately, they defined seven different audiences based on specific product types like coffee, juice, or sandwiches.

Next, they built out the campaigns in Braze Canvas, automating personalized campaigns that encouraged users to purchase loyalty cards via email, in-app messages, and push notifications. Using Braze Audience Paths, they customized each user's path based on the previously identified audiences. They also targeted users who had made three or more purchases in the last 30 days.

After the initial launch, they realized that customers who didn’t fit into a specific category (like “sandwich lover”) were excluded, so they developed another flow to reach those users with a general loyalty card offer. Finally, they set up the flows so that once users purchased the loyalty card, they were exited from the campaign, avoiding irrelevant outreach.

The Impact of Innovative Technology

The results of this strategic implementation were significant. The Joe & the Juice team saw substantial improvements in downstream metrics, such as an average 56% increase in revenue from loyalty cards in just over a year, and a 75% increase in loyalty card sales from May to September 2023. They also saw improvements in upstream customer engagement metrics, with open rates for their campaigns doubling to an average 81% from previous iterations.

56% Increase in revenue
47% Increase in loyalty card sales
81.3% Average open rate

They also were able to save time and resources while building more complex campaigns. Previously reliant on manual processes and IT support for data handling and campaign execution, the team now enjoys a streamlined workflow with all necessary data and tools directly accessible within Braze.

With Braze, we’re hitting the right people at the right time with the right message, which helps us increase revenue from our campaigns. Plus, we’re saving time, which is crucial!

Cecilie Fischer

CRM & Campaign Associate, Digital Marketing at Joe & the Juice

Key Takeaways:

  1. Embrace Digital Solutions for Efficient and Effective Customer Engagement: For brands like Joe & the Juice that run a lean marketing team that serves a global audience, adopting digital solutions such as Braze for customer engagement is vital. This approach streamlines marketing efforts while enhancing the overall customer experience, proving essential in today's technology-driven market.

  2. Data-Driven Segmentation = Stronger Messaging: Integrating customer data to segment and tailor marketing efforts ensures relevancy and effectiveness. Joe & the Juice's use of mParticle data for detailed customer segmentation resulted in more personalized, impactful, and appealing communications.

  3. Harness Mobile Platforms for Deeper Connections: Transforming mobile apps from mere service channels into platforms for fostering customer relationships is crucial. Joe & the Juice's focus on their mobile app as a dynamic platform for personalized customer journeys exemplifies this strategy.