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Journey Orchestration

Orchestrate memorable journeys that deliver the cohesive, responsive, and personalized experiences your customers crave with Braze Canvas.

Your canvas for creating engaging cross-channel experiences.

Simplify journey orchestration

Move quickly from ideation to execution to launch with modern no-code tools and an intuitive interface for creating, iterating, and collaborating on customer journeys.

Experiment and optimize with AI

Enhance experiences with intelligent automation that helps you test and optimize copy, creative, timing, channel mix, promotions, and more.

Execute in real time and at scale

Deliver highly-personalized customer experiences at scale based on in-the-moment customer behaviors and cross-channel interactions.

Create consistency across channels

Seamlessly coordinate your messaging across all of your channels from one centralized interface.

“Marketer-friendly drag-and-drop low-code tools facilitate easy journey orchestration as well as campaign experimentation and optimization.”

IDC MarketScape

Worldwide Omni-Channel Marketing Platforms

Simplify journey orchestration

Orchestrate and automate sophisticated journeys in a fraction of the time.

Intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Design, visualize, and launch dynamic user journeys in a fraction of the time with easy building block components.

Next-best action

Automatically adapt your engagement strategy with branching logic that guides your audience down specific journey paths based on real-time preferences and behaviors.

Generative AI content creation

Leverage Sage AI by Braze to kickstart the copywriting, image generation, and QA process.

Simple no-code journey orchestration

Minimize reliance on engineers or third parties and make your teams more efficient.

“Canvas Flow is like a video game. All I want to do is be inside Braze all day.”

Nash Goudie Marketing & Communications Manager, EverWash

Simplify journey orchestration

Increase productivity. Inspire collaboration.

Seamless collaboration

Comments and tagging make it easy for you to collaborate on customer experiences, whether you’re a team of 2 or 200.

Minimal effort for maximum improvement

Easily iterate on existing Canvases to adapt to the strategies that are driving the best outcomes for your brand.

Built for your brand

No matter your company's size or experience, Canvas makes your customer engagement goals achievable.

2,200 hours saved building campaigns with Braze

The Total Economic Impact of Braze: a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting.

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Experiment and optimize with AI

Eliminate the guesswork. Get better results.

Flexible testing for endless possibilities

Find what works with the ability to experiment on entire journeys, journey paths, or individual messages.

Accessible experimentation

Experiment, optimize and adapt—with just a single toggle.

Optimal delivery

Send messages on the channels customers engage with most, at the times they are most likely to engage.

Intelligent automation

Use proven algorithms to automatically optimize campaigns and guide every customer to their best-performing path.

Quizlet drove 4.6 Million Sessions Using Intelligent Timing and a Adopting a Cross-Channel strategy in Canvas.

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Execute in real time and at scale

Never miss a moment.

Relevant, real-time triggers

Automatically trigger journeys and messaging based on in-the-moment customer behaviors, cross-channel interactions, and updates happening within your tech stack.

First-party view of every user

Rely on the right first-party data to inform and orchestrate the most personalized customer experiences.

Reliability at scale

Feel confident with a platform that operates with sub-second latency, regardless of your data and send volumes.

Overstock used real-time messaging based on customer behaviors to increase conversion rates by 21%

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Create consistency across channels

Cohesive experiences,
no matter where your customers are.

Every channel at your fingertips

Seamlessly blend in-product and out of product channels— including email, mobile app, SMS, WhatsApp, web, paid media—from one interface

Unified brand voice

Build brand equity by keeping all your messaging centralized and on-brand.

Responsive journeys across channels

Make all your channels work together seamlessly, so that signals from one channel can trigger messaging on another.

94% increase in LTV when customers blend in-product and out-of-product messaging

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Case Studies

Are you a channel short and a dollar late?

Braze operates with sub-second latency—not batch-and-blast—so you can generate the right engagement in the right moment to yield the most valuable results.