Dafiti Boosts Engagement, Conversions, and Revenue with In-App Messaging and Gamification Powered By Braze
300% Increase in revenue per user


Fashion and lifestyle eCommerce brand Dafiti wanted to improve conversion metrics, drive company KPIs, and bring better automation, testing, and data to their customer engagement strategy.


With in-app messaging and email from Braze, Dafiti consolidated their communications and created a gamified, cross-channel shopping experience for their customers.


Dafiti saw a 300% increase in revenue, an 82% increase in orders, and a 43% rise in conversion against their control group after switching to Braze.

Headquartered in Brazil and boasting branches in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, Dafiti is the largest fashion and lifestyle eCommerce brand in Latin America. With more than 700 brands and 60,000 products in their online store per country, Dafiti creates inspiring and seamless customer experiences from discovery to delivery, thanks to their best-in-class, fashion-forward, and market-tailored operational infrastructure.

When Dafiti wanted to improve conversion metrics and company KPIs, unify their messaging mix, and bring superior automation, testing, and data to their customer engagement strategy, they looked for an all-in-one solution that could grow with their business.

That’s when they switched to Braze.

Better Campaign Testing for Greater Insights

Prior to Braze, Dafiti had different systems for push and email communications for their weekly promotional campaigns, making a cross-channel experience difficult to execute. In addition, the fact that the two channels were siloed meant Dafiti was unable to A/B test campaigns across both channels to gain insights about how they performed. In addition, they couldn’t segment users based on their behaviors, making it difficult to automate and personalize communications thereafter.

When looking for a new customer engagement solution, Dafiti also wanted to make sure they would be able to reach the following goals:

  • Increase the frequency of purchases per user in all countries they serve

  • Increase sessions and revenue from CRM channels

  • Increase conversions

  • Gain valuable insights into how and when to send campaigns and who to address them to

After adopting Braze, Dafiti started by A/B testing two unique campaigns within their app and webstore. The first campaign was based on a question: Would giving customers a time limit for using a discount increase their likelihood of making a purchase? To test this hypothesis, Dafiti created and sent an in-app message (IAM) that encouraged customers to make their purchase with a discount applied before the countdown clock expired. This was tested against a separate segment who did not receive an in-app message with a countdown.

Next, Dafiti created a campaign that gamified the shopping experience using an IAM in Braze to create a scratch-and-win game. One of the targeted audiences for this test was “virtual window shoppers,” a segment of users who had downloaded the application more than 180 days before, had never made a purchase, but had been active within the app in the last 10 days. This was tested against a second, broader audience: Users who had interacted with Dafiti but had never downloaded the app.

“With Braze, we’ve been able to create rich, targeted messaging experiences that engage and convert users. This cross-channel approach helps us better reach our goals, such as driving more revenue and increasing our frequency purchase.”

Anghello Granados Kopp
CRM Lead for Retention and Loyalty Co, Ar, Cl, Dafiti Group

Results: More Conversations, More Revenue

As a result of their Braze-powered IAM Countdown campaign, Dafiti saw a 45% conversion rate when testing against the control group. Additionally, Dafiti’s IAM Scratch & Win campaign yielded a 85% increase in conversions and a 300% increase in revenue.

Dafiti has also unlocked faster campaign creation, better audience segmentation, and effective A/B testing, which helps their team to better ideate future cross-channel marketing efforts.

300% Increase in revenue per user
82% Increase in orders
43% Rise in conversion against control group

Key Takeaway

Being at the forefront of fashion eCommerce requires knowing what customers want, understanding their personal style, and incrementally learning how best to nurture a lasting relationship. Since switching to Braze, Dafiti has gained valuable insights about their users and are strengthening relationships, thanks to better segmentation, deeper personalization, and a new focus on creating a unique customer experience.

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