What is Segment?

Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. With Segment, you can collect, unify, and connect your first-party customer data to 200+ tools, including email, web, advertising, POS, and mobile. With Segment, you can achieve a common understanding of your users and activate your own data to create personalized, customer-first experiences.

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How we work together

Braze and Segment work together to ensure that data flows seamlessly across numerous devices and tools. Send customer data directly into Braze and Segment via our real-time, bidirectional integration, or lean on our real-time data-streaming export, Currents, to create a feedback loop in which customer data uplevels everything you do.

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What you can do

Get the Data You Need, Fast

Segment makes it easy to send user information to Braze with the correct format and data labels Braze expects — no additional code required. This empowers you to utilize various platforms and devices in unison.

Leverage Historical Data

Leverage Segment’s Replay functionality to send all historical data to Braze. Act on historical data alongside active data to get a complete picture of your users. Utilize this data within Braze to create more personalized experiences for customers across channels. What’s more, easily visualize your customers’ journeys in Canvas, our customer journey tool, as well as make on-the-fly adjustments to increase engagement.

Increase Engagement by Creating Better Experiences for Customers

Use our customer profiles in combination with third-party data to create better customer experiences through robust segmentation and personalization across app, web, email, and IoT. You can also utilize data from across the customer journey to understand when users are most likely to engage. Additionally, Currents enables you to continuously sync your data to maintain a real-time, bi-directional flow of information across systems, ensuring that your campaigns are informed by real-time customer data.

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