Wyze Achieves a 56% Increase in Conversions With Cross-Channel Segmentation

Wyze, a Seattle-based producer of security cameras and smart home products, turned to Braze to revamp their messaging with in-app integration and user segmentation.

Founded in 2017 by a group looking to disrupt the smart home tech space with a $20 camera, Wyze has grown into a powerhouse in the smart appliance industry with a product line including light bulbs, locks, vacuums, and more. A key to their success has been making personal connections with customers a priority. Their users rely on Wyze products to enhance/enrich their lives, and their trust is essential. That trust comes from product quality, but it also needs to be reinforced through messaging.

Wyze already used Braze for product launch announcements and updates, but wanted to try something a little more focused, leveraging in-app messaging, push notifications, and emails triggered by user actions and purchases. Using Braze and Braze Alloys partner Segment, they were able to take their messaging to the next level.

A Clear Picture

Segmentation is integral to Wyze’s strategy. Because they have a wide array of product offerings, generic outreach won’t produce valuable results. They have to identify customer niches and connect with them through modular, relevant content. Those connections help the company identify pain points with their current offerings and upsell to additional services.

To better connect with and serve customers, Wyze wanted to highlight its Cam Plus subscription service. Every new Wyze Cam comes with a two-week free trial of Cam Plus, which unlocks premium features like unlimited full-motion Event Recordings, person and package recognition, and fast-forwarding for $1.99 per month. Increased emphasis on services is key to the company’s growth, allowing them to increase the value of every camera sold with higher margins and recurring revenue.

Wyze decided to focus on the onboarding process, which was essential to educating customers and driving conversions during the free trial. Braze Alloys partner Segment enabled them to connect Wyze’s internal Data Lake from both the app and the website into their messaging system, allowing them to break out users who perform specific actions, like the number of times users opened the app or watched a video with a certain object, during set time periods. That action is then sent as a custom attribute to Braze Canvas, our customer journey builder. They were also able to segment users to create different flows for users who were already Cam Plus subscribers vs. new users. Additionally, they developed different Canvases for different devices—Cam Plus works differently on some devices, so they made sure to create unique onboarding flows when appropriate.

Using email, push notifications, and in-app messaging, Wyze’s growth marketing team was able to educate users about the benefits of Cam Plus, monitor their engagement, and test different approaches to evaluate their effectiveness. Braze Canvas made it easy to visually see how users flowed through the onboarding process and engaged with messaging at specific points, making iterative testing smooth and effective.

a phone with the wyze app

Braze Canvas also enabled Wyze’s growth marketing team to have quicker access to conversion metrics for campaigns. While previously they had to reach out to their data team to generate reports, that information is now easily available from within Canvas for them to conduct A/B testing and evaluate on the fly.

"Braze has allowed Wyze to iterate continuously using A/B tests, and to create specific flows and messages for different user segments, behaviors and goals. Braze has been incredibly helpful to Wyze in reaching our users and nurturing them through unique customer journeys."
—Mylinh Pham, Growth Marketer at Wyze

Wyze’s Results: Skyrocketing Conversions, Deeper Connections

Crafting a campaign around user actions and more precisely timing messaging was the secret ingredient that Wyze needed to put the Cam Plus campaign into overdrive. Conversions were significantly higher in the targeted group, and that percentage continues to grow as they observe results and refine messaging.

Final Thoughts

Onboarding can be one of the most valuable opportunities to engage customers and drive them to further purchasing. By crafting messaging around the value propositions of Cam Plus and delivering them to users at relevant moments triggered by their own actions, the Wyze team has been empowered to understand different user journeys and connect with customers on a deeper, more personal level.

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