Braze Hits Customer Milestone, Continues Hiring Surge Amid Global Growth

Company surpasses 1,000 customers and leans into talent acquisition for the new year to support expanded business around the world.

Issue 16 • January 2020

The Loyalty Issue


Drive Stronger Engagement With New Braze Alloys Loyalty and Promotion Partners Talon.One and Voucherify

By using these integrations in concert with Braze, brands can automate the process of creating personalized promo codes and other promotional materials and then seamlessly insert them into your customer engagement campaigns. What does that look like?

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. See how a cross-channel onboarding campaign can be the beginning of long-term customer relationships.


What’s a Conversion, Anyway?

For every brand email, push notification, in-app or in-browser message, and, yes, even direct mail campaign that motivates people to take action, your team can (and should) gauge that impact—and conversions are one of the most telling marketing metrics to track.


Mastering IP Warming, the Grubhub Way

To help you better understand how IP warming works and what a successful warming program can look like, we sat down with Christine Hill, CRM & Email Marketer at Grubhub. Hill, a veteran of numerous warming programs, shared her best practices and advice for setting yourself up for success with IP warming and migrations.


HelpAround Medical Uses Braze and Neura to Boost Retention by 60%

HelpAround, one of the first mobile health platforms for the $219B specialty drug industry, guides patients through complex treatments by streamlining a network of patient services into the palm of each patient’s hand. Using Braze and its tech partner, Neura, HelpAround was able to increase user retention rates by 60% and app engagement rates by 55%.



The New Opt-Out: What Apple Changed When It Comes to Marketing Push—And How Brands Should Respond

Like most terms and conditions, you probably haven’t read even a paragraph of it—most of us probably don’t do more than glance at it while trying to find the “Accept” button. But earlier this year, Apple made a quiet change to its terms and conditions that could potentially have ripple effects for marketers around the world.

case studies

sweetgreen Adds 10K New SMS Subscribers With Braze-Powered Promo Code Campaign

sweetgreen serves up fast, healthy grain bowls and salads made from scratch at 100 locations across the country. When the restaurant chain launched its app, it wanted to entice customers to order food through the app instead of outside delivery services. sweetgreen partnered with Braze to launch a promo code campaign, sending discount codes to customers via SMS. The campaign attracted 10k+ new SMS subscribers and shortened the time frame needed to launch new campaigns.


Forge 2020 Torchie Awards: Celebrating This Year’s Exceptional Achievements in Customer Engagement

We’re excited to host our second annual Torchie Award ceremony at Forge 2020 this year and recognize a new slate of Braze customers that have taken customer engagement to the next level. Let’s take a look at this year’s finalists.


End of an Era: What Changes to Apple’s IDFA Mean for Marketing

At WWDC, Apple announced a major change in the way that brands gain access to their users’ IDFAs, potentially complicating existing marketing campaigns dependent on this key identifier. Learn what this means for your marketing program with our exclusive overview.

Issue 15 • December 2019

The Data Issue


The Half-Life of Customer Data

In an age when privacy is a hot-button issue, customers expect a more sophisticated experience when they share their data with brands. It’s mission-critical for brands to demonstrate value in their customer’s moments of need by acting on insights gleaned from their data. Otherwise, the value of customer data—and the value of your brand in the eyes of your customer—begins to degrade.


Empathy at Scale by the Numbers: How the Right Technology Can Power True Brand Humanity

Last year, Braze put our mission to forge human connections between people and the brands they love to the test. We knew how important it was to join people, technology, and teams to deliver relevant and memorable experiences—but what about data to back it up? With that focus in mind, we commissioned a study by Forrester Consulting to determine exactly what today’s consumers want out of the brands they communicate with.


Mastering Black Friday: 4 Keys to Optimizing Customer Engagement During The Holiday Season

With billions of dollars in retail sales taking place every year during Black Friday and the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, brands need to seize every opportunity to get in front of consumers and make a real connection. To understand how customers engage with brands during the holidays, Braze analyzed the billions of messages sent by leading retail brands over the past three years (2017–2019) to reveal insights on how to most effectively reach consumers during the holiday season.

Next-Generation Email Webinar

Join Braze Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnuson for an exploration of next-generation email: what it is, why it matters, and how to use it to stay relevant in the era of mobility and AI.

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