Braze Named to 2019 Forbes Cloud 100 List for Second Straight Year

Braze has long been at the foreground of this new wave of technologies. In keeping with that position, we’re pleased to announce that Braze has been named to the Forbes Cloud 100 for the second consecutive year.

Issue 13 • September 2019

The Innovation Issue


Mastering Provisional Push: What Marketers Need to Know

Though it was first released over a year ago, provisional push is one of the most powerful new tools marketers have to get the attention of their users and prove the value that their push notifications can provide in real time. Learn how to get started with our exclusive overview.

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. See how a cross-channel onboarding campaign can be the beginning of long-term customer relationships.


The Changing Face of Location-Based Marketing: What iOS 13 and Android 10 Mean for Customer Engagement

Location, location, location—knowing where your customers are is one of the best ways to serve up the relevant, responsive brand experiences that today’s consumers crave. But GDPR and other legislation has complicated the picture for marketers. Learn how Apple and Google's updated mobile operating systems are impacting the way location-based marketing is done.


How Email Can Stay Relevant in the Era of Mobile and AI

Email has stood the test of time. And no matter how many new devices are built, how new platforms may evolve, email marketing is here to stay. The question is: How can marketers make the most of it in an era defined by the rise of mobile and the emergence of automation?


How to Build a Best-in-Class Data Collection Strategy

Great marketing is built on data, but not all data is created equally. If your brand is going to build its marketing strategy around data, you need to be confident that the information you’re collecting is accurate, up to date, and capable of having a meaningful impact on your customer engagement efforts. To get there, you need an effective data collection strategy.



The Marketer’s Perspective: Staying Up to Date with AMARO’s Paulo Siqueira

Great customer engagement doesn’t just happen. To highlight efforts, insights, and strategies from key players in customer engagement, we’re sitting down with Paulo Siqueira of direct-to-consumer (DTC) women’s fashion brand AMARO.

The Inspiration Issue

Modern Teamwork: How to Assemble and Manage Agile Teams To Support Brilliant Customer Experiences

A single team member can have a tremendous positive impact on your business; an effective team can have an even bigger one. But are your teams structured to make the most of tomorrow's opportunities? If not, we've got you covered: These six steps are key to reshaping modern teamwork and making brilliant customer experiences possible.


What It Takes to Send and Optimize an Email Campaign, Step by Step

With email, there are always opportunities for innovation and improvement. With these 10 key tips, you can avoid a lot of potential messaging pitfalls and support stronger performance from your email program, message by message and campaign by campaign.


Are You Trapping Your Customers?

Getting teams and tech to talk to each other—and breaking down any barriers to communication between platforms and departments—is key to successfully implementing any comprehensive customer engagement strategy. Explore three common situations that can crop up for your customers if you don't get it right.

Issue 12 • July 2019

The Channels Issue

The Channels Issue

The Braze@Braze Chronicles: Using Email to Keeping the Small-Team Feel in a Rapidly Growing Global Organization

We’re growing at a rapid pace here at Braze, with new employees joining the team every week across our offices in New York, San Francisco, London, and Singapore. Learn how we're leveraging the Braze platform to power a welcome email experience that helps keep that small-team feel.

The Channels Issue

Understanding “Growth”—and What It Means for Retailers

The term “growth” gets thrown around a lot these days, in part because so many businesses are evolving and finding themselves forced to embrace new approaches and new technologies to thrive in a fast-changing landscape. So let's explore what growth is, what factors influence it, and how brands—especially in the retail space—can master the strategies that make growth possible.

The Channels Issue

What’s SMS Marketing, Anyway?

SMS messages. You know what they are—you probably send and receive your share of texts every day. But while this digital messaging channel is popularly associated with communications between friends and family members for most consumers, it can also be a key outreach tool for brands. Thinking about using SMS in your marketing mix? Already sending SMS but looking to make sure you’re doing it the right way? Read on to learn more.

Next-Generation Email Webinar

Join Braze Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnuson for an exploration of next-generation email: what it is, why it matters, and how to use it to stay relevant in the era of mobility and AI.

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