The Orchestration Issue

Next-Generation Email: Standing Strong in the Age of Inbox Infinity

Email is far from dead. It's thriving and continuing to evolve every day. But there's more competition for your customers' attention than ever before. Embracing and excelling in the next generation of email will require your marketing strategy to evolve, too, from your tech to your teams to your mindset.

Issue 9 • March 2019

The Orchestration Issue

The Orchestration Issue

What’s Data Agility, Anyway?

Modern customer engagement is built on data. The key to making the most of data in your customer engagement efforts? Embracing effective data management and ensuring you have the mindset, tools, and strategy you need to make true data agility a reality throughout your brand’s technology ecosystem. Let's dig into the nuts and bolts of data agility with an expert, Tom Pinckney from customer data infrastructure experts Segment.

We have data-rich proof that brand humanity works. Operationalize yours with a one-on-one briefing.


Digital Everest: Delivering Brilliant Experiences in a World of Unprecedented Scale

Growing your customer base is a phenomenal sign for your business. It means you're probably doing something right in terms of your product offering and the customer experiences that you're providing. But to continuing to offer these brilliant experience to your customers as you simultaneously continue to scale can be as much of a challenge as it is an opportunity. In this piece, we hear from Braze's Jon Hyman and American Well's Kaitlin Sannett on how to do it right.

Orchestration Issue

Tying It All Together: How Agencies Help Orchestrate Brilliant Marketing Experiences

As digital customer engagement efforts become increasingly central to how companies build long-term loyalty and drive stronger revenue, we’re seeing many companies—from startups to enterprise brands—lean on agencies to ensure that they’re doing things right. Get the inside scoop on how to get it right from leading agencies BrightWave, Laughlin Constable, Prolific Interactive, and R/GA.


Intuition Issue

Why Braze Built An Intelligence Suite—And Where We're Taking It

While AI as a concept has been with us for decades, it’s moving more and more from the realm of fantasy into a reality—one that harnesses computing power to develop smart logic on top of a lot of data. But making AI work for your business isn’t as simple as pushing a button—you have to make it happen.

The Predictions Issue

Defining Compliance: Where Global Data Privacy and Security Are Headed in 2019

As 2019 gets underway, one of the big questions facing brands big and small around the world is: what does the new year hold for global data privacy and security? We sat down with our SVP of Legal, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary Susan Wiseman and Associate General Counsel and Senior Director (EMEA) Marjorie Armitage, who have been on the front lines of this evolving space in recent years. Read on to see them map out their predictions for the coming year:

Conversation Issue

How Meal Delivery Service Deliveroo Satisfied Its Global Hunger for Data

Deliveroo enabled their global team with real-time, actionable data insights to inform global campaigns, all at scale.

The EQ Issue

In Conversation: UX at Braze

Product Designer Liza Timmins and Success Team Lead Scott Dzialo talk user experience at Braze.

The EQ Issue

Real-Time in No Time: Reducing Time-to-Insight with Looker Blocks

Brilliant customer experiences are built on data. But the vast majority of the information being collected by brands is never used. To help change that, Braze is pleased to announced the launch of custom-made Looker Blocks to help our customers visualize and understand their data faster and more effectively.

Building Braze

It Wasn't Me—It Was the Multi-Armed Man: How Intelligent Selection Can Enhance Your Testing

In this industry, we all need to know if our actions produce the results we want, and, frankly, we’d like to know quickly. In marketing, testing has been used for decades to quantitatively compare messages against each other and against a control. In digital marketing especially, subject line testing and similar kinds of copy testing have never been easier. But, there are details to consider. One big one: how much data do you need to perform a meaningful test?

braze buzz

A Dedication to Security: Braze Receives ISO 27001 Certification and Successfully Completes SOC 2 Type 2 Audit

Security and data privacy have always been a key focus for us at Braze. Now, after a long and thorough process, I’m proud to share that Braze has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit and ISO 27001 certification during the 2018 calendar year. These key new security steps mean that our customers can feel even more confident that we do what we say we do with respect to our security controls.

Teams Issue

Broken Vs. Brilliant [Part 1]: Great Customer Engagement Starts at the Start

To dig into what’s possible when a brand gets their act together and successfully marries data, technology, and teams to create consistent, powerful brand experiences (and also what happens when they really, really don’t), let's take a—fictional—look at two very different versions of one person's customer journey.

Issue 8 • January 2019

The Predictions Issue

client stories

More than Just a Language App: How busuu Used Connected Content to Become a Supportive and Friendly Coach for Foreign Language Learners

Language app busuu wanted to take on the role of helpful, supportive coach, keeping its users on track for their Study Plans. Read on to see how dynamic personalization, cross-channel messaging, and some human empathy in campaign planning helped them get there (with great results, too!).


Automation’s Human Factor: What AI Means for Customer Engagement

To explore the challenges and best practices that come with using AI to support brilliant customer experiences, we spoke to thought leaders on the subject from Grubhub, Neura, and at last fall’s LTR conference. Read on for their insights!


Brazeball Cards: The Braze Team Talks 2019 Predictions

Get to know our team at Braze and their predictions for 2019!

A New Era of Data Agility: Introducing Braze Alloys

Dive into the Braze Technology Ecosystem and learn more about how we leverage 45 partners to help you deliver brilliant experiences to your consumers.

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