The Emerging Channel Space Race: All the (Possible) Next Big Things, From Connected Car Notifications to VR Messages

At Braze, messaging channels are our bread and butter—so differentiating which new channels are ready for primetime, on the cusp, and which are still more concept than execution is central to our business. Let's explore what’s happening with today’s emerging channels and what it means for the future of your engagement strategy.

Issue 14 • October 2019

The Growth Issue


The Next Generation of Connected: Introducing Braze Alloys Solutions Partners

Over the past decade, technology has allowed innovative brands to provide highly-relevant, personalized experiences to their customers across a wide range of digital channels and touchpoints. It’s a major opportunity for brands, but one that many companies struggle to make a reality. To get there, more and more marketing, growth, and engagement teams are turning to agencies, consultancies, and other solutions partners.

First impressions are everything, even in marketing. See how a cross-channel onboarding campaign can be the beginning of long-term customer relationships.


Empathy at Scale is Central to Building Brand Humanity

If there were something you could do to ensure that two out of three of your customers would be loyal to your brand, would you do it? That’s the power of brand humanity in action. In his Day Two keynote at LTR 2019, special guest Dipanjan Chatterjee, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Forrester, emphasized the value that humanity adds in the age of Big Data and introduced the new Brand Humanity Study based on commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Braze.



The Marketer’s Perspective: Staying Up to Date with AMARO’s Paulo Siqueira

Great customer engagement doesn’t just happen. To highlight efforts, insights, and strategies from key players in customer engagement, we’re sitting down with Paulo Siqueira of direct-to-consumer (DTC) women’s fashion brand AMARO.

The Inspiration Issue

Modern Teamwork: How to Assemble and Manage Agile Teams To Support Brilliant Customer Experiences

A single team member can have a tremendous positive impact on your business; an effective team can have an even bigger one. But are your teams structured to make the most of tomorrow's opportunities? If not, we've got you covered: These six steps are key to reshaping modern teamwork and making brilliant customer experiences possible.


What It Takes to Send and Optimize an Email Campaign, Step by Step

With email, there are always opportunities for innovation and improvement. With these 10 key tips, you can avoid a lot of potential messaging pitfalls and support stronger performance from your email program, message by message and campaign by campaign.


Are You Trapping Your Customers?

Getting teams and tech to talk to each other—and breaking down any barriers to communication between platforms and departments—is key to successfully implementing any comprehensive customer engagement strategy. Explore three common situations that can crop up for your customers if you don't get it right.

Issue 13 • September 2019

The Innovation Issue


Mastering Provisional Push: What Marketers Need to Know

Though it was first released over a year ago, provisional push is one of the most powerful new tools marketers have to get the attention of their users and prove the value that their push notifications can provide in real time. Learn how to get started with our exclusive overview.


Is Your Marketing Strategy Really Data-Driven?

We live in an era where Facebook knows you better than your mother. Yet marketers still struggle to collect and track data—let alone make meaningful decisions with it. So how can you know if your strategy is data-driven? Let’s start by looking at the types of data most marketers collect, and how it can improve your marketing efforts.


The Changing Face of Location-Based Marketing: What iOS 13 and Android 10 Mean for Customer Engagement

Location, location, location—knowing where your customers are is one of the best ways to serve up the relevant, responsive brand experiences that today’s consumers crave. But GDPR and other legislation has complicated the picture for marketers. Learn how Apple and Google's updated mobile operating systems are impacting the way location-based marketing is done.

Next-Generation Email Webinar

Join Braze Cofounder and CEO Bill Magnuson for an exploration of next-generation email: what it is, why it matters, and how to use it to stay relevant in the era of mobility and AI.

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