Splice Adds New Channels to Lift Conversions by 64X

When Splice needed a more robust communications strategy for legacy plan users, they leveraged Braze for a cross-channel messaging solution, driving up to a 64X increase in conversions.

Splice is cultivating the essential ecosystem for music creation with innovative audio products that inspire and enable artists. With sounds, skills and connected instruments, Splice is meeting the needs of a new generation of musicians and creators, alongside a diverse and trusted library of millions pre-cleared samples. Splice is a global community of producers, innovators and musicians, offering creative solutions for creative challenges.

As Splice expanded their offering from a simple subscription plan focused on their sample library (the “Sounds” plans) to new subscription plans focused on providing musicians and creators access to their entire ecosystem, they hoped to expand their strategy to additional channels where they could:

  • Encourage legacy plan users to migrate to new plans.

  • Better convert trialists to paid subscribers.

  • Increase conversions and subscriptions.

And when the Splice team realized that a significant portion of their subscribers and trialists were not opening or engaging with their single-channel email strategy, they began their search for a more advanced multi-channel messaging solution.

Braze was music to their ears.

Reaching Users Where They’re Listening

Before adopting Braze, Splice used a batch-and-blast email strategy that felt simple compared to the advanced suite of audio production tools, sounds library and skills content they offer. Downloading, sorting, and uploading CSVs for email messaging could take hours, and the results left a lot to be desired: Put simply, Splice wasn’t playing to their audience on the channels where they were listening.

Fine-Tuned Messaging with Braze

After adopting Braze, the Splice team used Canvas, our customer journey builder, to better segment and personalize the emails they sent, seeing great results compared to their previous strategy. But they also wanted to test new channels to drive even more migrations and conversions.

First, Splice tested eight different in-app messages (IAMs)—which appeared across the center of the device’s screen as an overlay—with 400 users on their legacy subscription plan who had logged a session in the last 30 days but had not engaged with email. The results allowed their team to see what new tools would be most effective in driving users from the “Sounds” plan to new subscriptions. After testing with that small group, they rolled the same messages out to 5,000 users and saw even better results: An average conversion rate that was 64X higher than their previous email-only campaign average.

Using Braze Currents, Splice was able to seamlessly stream customer data from Segment back into Braze and to Looker, which was set up to measure migrations from old plans to new plans. And as they expanded the control group to even more users, Splice gained powerful insights on which message variants were most effective at driving conversions, how users responded to messaging, and which of the new tools they offered were most exciting to message recipients. Along the way, the Splice team was able to customize the default IAMs they’d been leveraging to yield even better results.

Splice then leveraged Content Cards—which allow brands to showcase persistent messages within their app and/or website—to test two variants over a one-week period, with the goal of having more trial users download their desktop application and subscribe to one of their plans: One that encouraged those users to download the desktop app, and another to learn more about the benefits of using it. The educational variant turned out to be the winner, leading to an 11% increase in trial to paid conversions among the test population.

"Whether it's through our website, desktop app, or targeted emails, Braze allows us to meet our customers where they are, at the right times, and with the right messages. And, best of all, the Braze native testing functionality makes it easy for us to monitor the results of our tests to accurately understand their impact on our business as a whole."

—Johnny Zachman & Caroline Friedman, Lifecycle Marketing, Splice

​​Up next, Splice intends to further utilize the Braze platform’s capabilities by increasing their testing frequency, building out more advanced IAM targeting, and adding more Content Card placements within their website and desktop app.

Messaging in Harmony

Since switching to Braze and running test campaigns with strong results, Splice’s Marketing team has had better autonomy to create and send even more targeted, personalized messaging to their users. They’ve also been able to more effectively work with their data team to leverage collected data, pass it into Braze and communicate with users more intelligently.

To top it all off, Splice’s conversion rates for migrating legacy users have increased by 114% since they began using In-App Messaging to tell users about new features, and they’ve seen an 11% increase in trial to paid conversions after introducing content cards to their messaging mix.

Final Thoughts

In a well-mixed piece of music, the nuance and beauty of each instrument can be heard without overwhelming the others, all while complimenting the song. A similar idea applies in a well-balanced messaging strategy: Each channel and message compliments the others across a user’s journey. With Braze, Splice improved their messaging mix, and gave their users more opportunities to perfect their sound in the process, resulting in better engagement and a more satisfying user experience.

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