Beyond “Vanity Metrics”: Key Measurements For Customer Engagement

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Everyone knows that data is essential to modern marketing. But while companies around the world are investing in new marketing technologies and focusing on gathering and managing data in connection with their customer engagement efforts, they often find that these investments in time and resources don’t accomplish much. One of the biggest challenges they face? Knowing what to track, what to measure, and what impact understanding measurement holistically can have on their marketing strategy.

In this webinar, Amanda Record, Associate Director, CRM at GOAT Group and Neha Aletty, Strategic Business Consultant at Braze, discuss how an effective measurement program gives brands information to understand the efficacy of their customer engagement program and how to iterate and improve upon it successfully.

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  • How data & metrics impact marketing strategy
  • How to leverage each component within your technology stack
  • Company organization to take advantage of data
  • The influence of high value actions (HVAs) on customer engagement


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