SpotHero Personalizes Parking

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Magith Noohukhan
Customer Engagement Evangelist, Braze
Maggie Hays
Senior Product Manager, Data Services, SpotHero
Chloe Robertson
CRM Marketing Manager, SpotHero
Shyaan Khan
Solutions Engineer, Segment

The challenges encountered in 2020 forced brands to drastically reimagine their digital experiences in the span of just a few months. More than ever before, today’s consumers expect personalized and relevant experiences delivered to them across every channel. But how should brands respond?

SpotHero, North America’s leading parking mobility platform, applied personalization strategies to boost their conversion rates despite unprecedented circumstances successfully. Join us to discover how SpotHero leveraged personalization and cross-channel engagement to enhance the customer experience and thrive in a challenging marketplace.

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Personalization Strategies in the New Normal

Brands today face the challenges of a fast-changing landscape—one where customer engagement is increasingly critical. As consumer demand for digital experiences grows, brands have to hone their strategy and build campaigns capable of standing out from the crowd. We’ve learned that “cross-channel” isn’t about setting up new channels or spinning new tools; it’s about customer-centricity and giving consumers easy, frictionless ways to engage with their favorite brands.

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  • INNOVATIVE INSIGHT: We’ll dive into the savvy technology used to create personalized, customer experiences at scale
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS: Hear insights from our customers on why brands needs omnichannel strategies to survive
  • TACTICAL TAKEAWAYS: Learn examples of successful campaigns that drove revenue, and the strategies behind them


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