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Grow with Braze featuring Tim Hortons & Branch

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Ernest Choi
Sr. Director Digital and Loyalty at Tim Hortons
Sally Bregman
Sr. Customer Success Manager at Branch
Magith Noohukhan
Customer Engagement Evangelist at Braze

Brands today face the challenges of a fast-changing landscape—one where customer engagement is increasingly critical. As consumer demand for digital experiences grows, brands have to hone their strategy and build campaigns capable of standing out from the crowd. We’ve learned that “cross-channel” isn’t about setting up new channels or spinning new tools; it’s about customer-centricity and giving consumers easy, frictionless ways to engage with their favorite brands.

Watch Grow with Braze to discover how Tim Hortons applied personalization strategies to boost their conversion rates and used cross-channel engagement to enhance the customer experience for their customers.

Then we’ll hear from Branch on how they increase end-to-end user engagement and provide holistic measurement of marketing effectiveness across all devices, channels, and platforms.

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TACTICAL TAKEAWAYS: Learn examples of successful campaigns that drive revenue, and the strategies behind them

INNOVATIVE INSIGHT: Dive into the savvy technology used to create personalized customer experiences at scale

KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERTS: Insights from Ten Hortons on campaigns that can help your brand convert, monetize, and retain more customers and how Branch helps brands increase end-to-end user engagement for your customers