5 Creative AI Use Cases for Customer Engagement

99% of marketers say their organizations are already using AI. But what does it mean to use it effectively for customer engagement?



Kelsey Nelson
VP, Product Marketing
Sharon Panelo
Senior Director, Strategic Consulting
John Wolf
Senior Director, Product Management

AI offers a lot of promise for marketers today, but many of us are still looking for the best ways to drive fast ROI for our organizations.

Join us on April 23 to discover how AI can empower you to work smarter by automating manual processes, predicting and optimizing the best content and campaigns, and unlocking more creativity from your team.

You’ll learn:

  • Where marketers can realize the biggest impact of leveraging AI

  • Advancements in AI innovation in the customer engagement space

  • 5 brand-new creative use cases for AI in customer engagement

Stay ahead of the curve and push the boundaries of AI in your own strategy.


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