Push Notification

\ˈpu̇sh\ \ˌnō-tə-fə-ˈkā-shən\

A push notification is a brief, attention-getting message sent directly to a user’s screen, whether that screen is on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or wearable device.


A push notification is a (usually brief) message delivered by a server directly to a computer or mobile device. Strongly associated with apps following Apple’s decision to let brands send push to iPhone users in 2009, push notifications can also be delivered to web visitors on desktop and mobile, as well as to wearable devices like smart watches. These messages appear on the screen of a user’s device or computer—even if they’re not currently using that brand’s app or visiting their website, making push an effective way to grab someone’s attention.

“I hadn’t used the SoulPatchR app in a few weeks, but when they sent me a push notification letting me know about their new beard tracking feature, I decided to check it out.”