Why Braze Is Built to Support Small and Medium Businesses With Cross-Channel Engagement

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 9, 2021

Brands big and small are investing in digital tools to connect with their customers more effectively. And as your organization grows and evolves, you might find you need new ways of collecting data and more effective ways of delivering messages. Thankfully, the Braze customer engagement platform is designed to make that process easier

The Braze platform is built to give businesses the capabilities they need to build relationships with their users. To meet the challenges of your brand’s growth trajectory and today’s shifting landscape, Braze can help small and medium-sized organizations drive stronger cross-channel engagement, improve customer loyalty, and increase their return on investment. Which, in turn, helps your business continue to grow!

So what features should you look for in an effective vertical engagement stack? Here are a few vital Braze features that are helping teams drive engagement:

1. Versatile cross-channel support

Where are your customers? Do they check their email for promotions? Or are they the type who might be encouraged by a push notification? Or, more likely, is there a mix of both? Reaching your customers across channels can lead to a dramatic uptick in engagement. That’s why in-app messaging, push notifications, email, and more give you the support you need to build deeper relationships with customers wherever they are.

2. Audience segmentation

It’s sometimes tempting to rely on gut feelings when you craft your customer campaigns. But the key to effective cross-channel engagement is a clear, data-driven picture of your customers. Then you can use the Braze platforms’ dynamic segmentation tools to target customers based on these insights so that your messaging is personalized to each customer—and thus more memorable and valuable.

3. Message optimization

Once you figure out the mix of channels you want to invest in for messaging, it’s time to make sure those messages are timely and relevant. Our Intelligent Timing feature helps ensure your campaigns reach users at the right time, leading to stronger engagement by recipients. And our frequency capping capabilities prevent you from overwhelming certain users with messaging. Too many messages can be just as damaging as not enough!

4. Vertical integration

Bringing your insights—and your ability to take action based on those insights—together all in one, actionable place is crucial for any effective customer engagement strategy. That’s why Braze seamlessly integrates with best-in-breed data and tech solutions to create an ecosystem tailored to each brands’ individual needs and goals.

Next Steps

While not a ticket to automic success, having the right technology is a necessary first step for any modern marketing strategy. You can learn more about the impact of cross-channel engagement on business and customer outcomes in our 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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