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What’s a Braze Executive Business Review and What Are the Benefits of Having One?

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 15, 2022

Braze Executive Reviews are a core Braze for Success offering. These are data-driven, narratively focused meetings where your customer success manager will walk through your customer engagement campaigns, review your past performance, and discuss your organization’s unique goals and OKRs and offer tailored suggestions about how you can optimize your customer engagement strategy to best align to these objectives.

What does a Braze EBR involve?

An overview of the four main components of a Braze Executive Business Review

During a Braze Executive Business Review, you and your dedicated customer success manager will go over:

  • Past performance: What went well? How do things currently look, compared to a year ago? Get a deep dive analysis of what your company’s data tells us about the past 12 months of performance, channel by channel.

  • Industry insights: Our dedicated industry experts are dialed into what’s happening in your vertical—including your sector’s pressing pain points and how you can solve for them—and can offer advice and predictions about the best practices you need to adopt.

  • Next-level optimization: Apply learnings from your past campaigns, including what went well and what didn’t, and get guidance on how to iterate upon your successes to deliver future results in accordance with your team’s OKRs to go from good to great and great to unforgettable.

  • Product review: Our product is growing with you and we’ll keep you in the loop about how our latest features can help fuel your successes. Find out what’s coming in the Braze pipeline and how these updates can help you deliver against your key business outcomes.

How can an EBR help you? 3 Benefits of a successful EBR

Wondering whether you should schedule an EBR with Braze? Yes, you should. Here are the top reasons why. EBRs are designed to help you:

#1: Look good: Discover what you’ve done right and what you can do to keep achieving. Use this meeting as an opportunity to make your next big idea a reality.

#2: Get your team the resources you need. Find out how to make the case to your leadership to get the developmental aid and budget you need to be successful.

#3: Earn the recognition you deserve. Customer engagement is what sets brands with strong customer lifetime value and loyalty apart from the rest, and you deserve to win when your brand wins.

After your EBR is complete, you’ll be able to track your progress towards achieving your goals with Braze Continuum, a tool Braze customer success managers and Braze clients use to monitor campaign results to make sure a brand’s customer engagement efforts are supporting their OKRs.

Ready to set up your EBR with Braze?

To learn more about what Braze can do to supercharge your business outcomes, learn about our award-winning customer success team.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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