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Employee Wellness Is Front and Center at Braze

Carolina Lopez By Carolina Lopez Mar 4, 2020

As a Latina woman and yoga-teacher-in-training, the intersection of Diversity and Inclusion with Wellness is paramount in my daily life. I’m lucky enough that I get to work every day at Braze, where these topics are on the forefront.

There are a lot of things that make Braze an exceptional place to work. Don’t take my word for it—we were named to Crain’s and Inc. Magazine’s best places to work for 2019. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the people and programs that make Braze a wonderful second home to almost 500 employees. Most importantly, Braze For ALL, our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) program, helps foster an inclusive environment where you can be your most authentic self every day.

One of the most meaningful things Braze For ALL has done this year is holding space for employees to focus on different D&I topics. In September 2019, we hosted artist and Holocaust survivor William Bernheim. He spoke about anti-semitism and I left with an understanding of how recent events affect different groups. He also gave us books on his art, signing them with a reminder that “every day is a vacation”—his favorite quote.

A few weeks prior, we hosted an intimate roundtable discussion with around 50 Braze employees to discuss what the often ignored piece, Inclusion, means and how we can better achieve it. This experience made me realize that this topic relates to all of us, and it felt encouraging to know that Braze creates a space for us.

To further bring awareness to mental health and inclusivity in the workplace, we kicked off another employee-driven initiative called Wellness Wednesday. Every first Wednesday of the month, employees can start their days with a 30 minute meditation led by one of our own. We have also secured a space where employees can find wellness resources (think coloring books, essential oils, meditation 101) and created an open Slack channel to discuss mental health and work/life balance. The day ends with a 45 minute beginner-friendly yoga class taught by a certified yoga instructor. The goal is to encourage employees to take a pause to remember to focus on their wellbeing and that of their peers.

As Braze grows and expands into new offices across the globe, it’s imperative that we put the wellbeing of our most important asset first—our people. That’s why the new initiative is an exciting one for us. But wellness is not just about meditating and doing yoga in the office. We offer ClassPass discounts, a robust parental leave program (for Moms and Dads), flexible schedules/PTO, a variety of healthy office snacks, and wellness rooms that are always available for employees throughout the day.

I am excited to see how Wellness Wednesday and Braze For ALL continue to impact the employee experience at Braze as we expand. Check out our open roles across the globe and come grow (and meditate) with us!

Carolina Lopez

Carolina Lopez

Carolina works closely with Engineering leadership to scale out the rapidly growing Product Engineering teams. She is a yoga teacher in training, essential oils guru, pizza lover, and is often traveling the world volunteering.

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