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Braze Named One of Inc. Magazine’s 2019 Best Workplaces

Todd Grennan By Todd Grennan May 21, 2019

At its core, humanity has always been defined by its diversity, and finding ways to embrace the multitude of identities, groups, and experiences that make up humankind is one of today’s most important challenges for individuals and organizations alike. To support that effort, the United Nations declared the first-ever World Day for Cultural Diversity back in 2002. This holiday, celebrated annually on May 21, is intended to highlight the richness of different cultures, backgrounds, and identities and the importance of acceptance, understanding, and dialogue.

Diversity, inclusion, and respect for all have been core values at Braze since our founding. But over the last year, we’ve made a special effort to fold these values into everything we do as a company—from recruiting to marketing to day-to-day life in our offices. And as we mark this year’s World Day for Cultural Diversity, we’re pleased to announce that this focus on providing an inclusive, welcoming culture for all our employees has led to Braze being named one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2019.

To compile this year’s Best Workplaces list, Inc. reviewed submissions from more than 2,000 companies and assessed each organization’s management effectiveness, employee confidence and trust, and job perks. According to Inc., this year’s 346 selectees were defined less by perks like free food and open work environments and more by a focus on diversity, employee recognition, and thoughtful performance management.

At Braze, that holistic focus on the individual employee is an essential part of the workplace experience. And in order to ensure that this emphasis remains strong as Braze grows and scales, our People team launched Braze for ALL, a new, companywide initiative focused on foregrounding diversity and inclusion throughout the organization. This multi-pronged program touches a wide range of activities and events, including:

To learn more, check out our Braze for Impact podcast on how we approach diversity as a company.

Interested in possibly experiencing one of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces for yourself? Visit our careers page and explore all our current opportunities.

Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan

Todd Grennan is a New York-based writer and editor. When he's not writing about mobile marketing, customer retention and emerging technologies for Braze, you can find him trying to read his way through every Wikipedia article related to World War II.

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