Know Their Channel: Three Benefits of Personalized, Cross-Channel Engagement

Team Braze By Team Braze Nov 18 2020

Today’s customers have options. They increasingly demand to be able to engage with the companies they patronize on any channel they prefer, whenever and wherever they please. That’s why modern brands need the right technology to ensure that they can keep up with these customers and consistently offer them valuable, memorable experiences.

The key is investing in cross-channel customer engagement. It’s no wonder more and more teams are making cross-channel such a priority—we’ve found it can boost engagement by up to 844%. And that’s because a cross-channel approach helps you engage with users in a thoughtful way, one that considers your customer’s unique preferences and respects their time. So here are a few ways to make that happen:

1. You can meet customers on their most engaged channel

With the right data at your fingertips, you can begin to understand which channels your users prefer. That was the thinking behind the Braze platform’s Intelligent Channel feature, which helps you find—and leverage—the preferred channel for each of your users.

For instance, imagine that one of your customers prefers to receive sales announcements and other promotional messages via email and another customer would rather get this kind of outreach via push notifications. With Intelligent Channel, you could send one promotional campaign and automatically have each customer receive the outreach in their preferred channel, simplifying the process and supporting a better customer experience.

2. You can balance long-term and real-time interaction

The most effective marketing understands that users are on a journey—a long-term, evolving journey. With a cross-channel approach, you can meet users as they go from onboarding to becoming loyal, returning customers.

Digital medical platform Plushcare used Braze to bring a cross-channel touch to both lifecycle and in-the-moment campaigns. These campaigns, which leveraged a mixture of email, push notifications, and SMS, included both lifecycle-focused onboarding messages aimed at new users and responsive outreach based on individual behaviors and needs—for instance, messaging a user when their test results were ready. The approach had a big impact on engagement, driving email open rates for the messages as high as 68%.

3. You’re able to reduce wasted touchpoints

When you don’t take a personalized, cross-channel approach, you can end up wasting touchpoints by reaching out to them on the wrong channels. This can lead to frustration and message fatigue for your customers, especially if the messages they do receive from you are generic and not based on their interests or behavior.

With Braze, marketers can leverage Liquid personalization and Connected Content to create individually tailored messages that include relevant images, product mentions, and other highly relevant details, allowing brands to make the case for customers to take action simply and effectively. And because Braze personalization support is channel agnostic, you can leverage it no matter which channels you decide to use, bolstering the image of your marketing whether it’s being done via push, email, or beyond.

Final Thoughts

Today’s customers expect messages and brand experiences to speak to them as individuals—and reach them on the channels they care about. To make that happen, you need to ensure your marketing technologies can support truly personalized, seamlessly cross-channel campaigns.

Want to learn more about how Braze can power engaging cross-channel customer experiences? Check out our Cross-Channel Data Report.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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