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Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 3, 2020

Last week, Segment published the inaugural Customer Data Platform Report 2020, which gave a comprehensive overview of how the CDP landscape is evolving. Covering industry growth to their customer data analysis to future trend predictions, the report sheds light on how brands are working to create more personal consumer experiences—and where opportunities still lay.

While the report is filled with many valuable insights, one stood out to us. The following chart shows how over the past few years, there’s been a significant increase in brands pairing Segment (and its bidirectional, streaming data capabilities) with SMS and push notification technology, like Braze.

In 2016, Braze (called Appboy at the time) had already been around for 4.5 years. In fact, the amount of time between our founding and the beginning of the graph is still greater than the amount of time that’s passed since.

We’d been hard at work building Braze since 2011. By the end of 2015, smartphones and their app distribution platforms transformed the way consumers interacted with brands. Brands, in turn, began to realize they needed to invest more in the direct relationship with their customers, especially on mobile.

Braze was well-positioned to take advantage of the shift, as shown in this one graph in the CDP Report 2020. We not only invested in mobile early, but committed to our vision of a complete, cross-channel customer experience backed up by best-in-class technology.

Within the past few years, we’ve progressed our vision to include Braze Alloys, a powerful, comprehensive tech ecosystem that enables brands to create memorable, relevant experiences for their customers. Whether they need a CDP like Segment, OTT messaging support, strategy solutions, and everything at once, brands can connect or build a custom tech stack that works seamlessly to achieve all their customer engagement needs.

To learn more about what technologies, integrations, and solutions partners are supported—as well as how to start building a best-in-class ecosystem today—visit

Team Braze

Team Braze

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