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building braze

The Dynamic Duo: Product Management and Product Design

A good partnership between PM and Design should challenge assumptions and help everyone gain a better understanding of customer needs. Done right, this kind of collaboration can promote an environment where you can fail and ask dumb questions and then find a way forward. Learn what it looks like at Braze.


How Braze Hires Product Managers

Hiring is the lifeblood of a technology company—particularly when scaling, bringing the right staff into an organization is a critical task. We’ve learned a lot over the years about hiring product managers at Braze, and we're ready to share those insights with you.

Building Braze

Connected Content and the Slashdot Effect (or How I Learned to Scale APIs)

Zach McCormick of our engineering team takes you through his favorite method of scaling APIs for our dynamic content feature, Connected Content.

Building Braze

Cache Concurrency Control

This is the story of how we debugged a performance issue within our system and implemented a caching pattern to fix it.

Building Braze

Restructuring the Braze Product Team

The most important driving force behind any software product is the group of people who build it—and their relationships with one another. Therefore, it’s important to arrange teams in a way that allows them to have as much leverage and impact as possible. Learn how Braze successfully restructured its product organization to drive better outcomes.

Building Braze

Journey to Agile: How Braze Reimagined Its Software Project Management Process

We spent the first five or so years building Braze without much in the way of formal project management. But by early 2018, we started seeing new, serious issues with the way our processes worked. To ensure that we could maintain our product velocity and maximize the efficiency of our engineering organization, we decided to embrace a new approach: Agile Software Development.