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Migrating to Braze: How to Transition Effortlessly With Braze Onboarding

Sylvia Wampler By Sylvia Wampler Sep 29, 2023

In today’s competitive digital landscape, marketers are under pressure to deliver results faster, more effectively, and at a lower cost. This is especially true when it comes to migrating from one platform to another, which often involves hidden costs and long lead times. In fact, brands are spending more money and time than intended for migrations with only 36% of data migration projects keeping to the forecasted budget and 46% of data migrations being delivered on time.

Braze simplifies this process. Unlike legacy cloud providers that can require 6+ months to reach the stage where all data is set up and ready for an email program, with Braze you can send out your first campaign in as little as six weeks. Our robust data structures, flexible APIs, and built-in professional support make the transition smooth.

What to Expect from Braze Onboarding Services

Braze offers onboarding services through Braze Onboarding or Partner Led Onboarding (PLO) delivered by Certified Partners in our Braze Alloys Solutions Partner Network. Braze Onboarding and Braze Partner Led Onboarding (PLO) are designed to deliver rapid results. By aligning closely with customer business goals and providing expert guidance, these offerings are customized to design and execute modern engagement campaigns efficiently.

The process of onboarding with Braze is thoughtfully crafted to deliver rapid time to value through the following steps:

  • Discovery: This stage involves a comprehensive understanding of the delivery scope for the onboarding phase. It’s essential to align all stakeholders on a common goal and lay out a clear path ahead.

  • Planning: Next, the Onboarding team delivers a series of onboarding workshops tailored to your brand. These workshops are designed to provide the guidance needed to identify your key value campaigns and milestones for launch and plan delivery to meet your CRM and technical scope requirements.

  • Execution: At the execution stage, the groundwork laid in planning is translated into tangible actions. Establish a data architecture that will allow your business to execute on campaign and reporting requirements and complete your technical integration. Then, take the exciting steps of beginning to build and launch your first campaigns.

  • Closure: Finally, the process transitions to the Braze Success team, concluding with a project retrospective. Here, the team comes together to discuss lessons learned, celebrate successes, identify opportunities for further improvement, and align core business goals to your long-term usage of the Braze platform.

What Does Migrating with PLO Look Like? Meet Massive Rocket

With +70 Braze implementations under their belt, Massive Rocket, a Global Data and CRM Consultancy with teams in the US, EMEA, and APAC regions, has become a trusted Braze solution partner. Massive Rocket helps businesses rapidly migrate from legacy marketing clouds onto Braze and sets up teams for success through the Partner Led Onboarding (PLO) program, designed by Braze.

"The choice of an engagement platform holds immense potential to unlock business outcomes, foster loyalty, retain customers, and drive unparalleled business growth. With Braze, we consistently get our customers to value, even the most complex ones", emphasizes Julien Pelc, General Manager at Massive Rocket.

To become a PLO partner, marketing service organizations like Massive Rocket undergo rigorous validation, including comprehensive courses and mock sessions that provide graduates with a validated Onboarding Consultant (OC) and Technical Architect (TA) badge. Once badge-certified as Braze OCs and TAs, these partners are adept at expediting value for our customers.

One of the advantages of leveraging our Certified Partner Network is the extended range of managed services that Solutions Partners can provide. Beyond basic onboarding, partners such as Massive Rocket can offer enhanced services like campaign migration, CRM strategy, hands-on-keyboard support, data engineering, and technical integration services. This layered approach provides customers with a seamless, one-stop-shop experience, pooling all required services under the banner of a single partner team.

The exact nature of managed services does vary from one PLO partner to another, however, examining offerings from partners like Massive Rocket or Willowtree can provide a useful framework for what to expect.

Meet The Experts

Whether onboarding with Braze through Partner Led Onboarding or Braze Onboarding, you have an army of experts guiding you through the process.

Our award-winning experts work every day to help our customers better understand and engage with their customers.

Jumpstart Your Journey With Braze

By choosing Braze, you're not just switching systems; you're unlocking your marketing potential, reducing technical debt, and embracing a solution that understands the needs of today's marketers for speed, ease, and value. For more information on how to navigate a valuable, brand-building migration experience, check out Migration Made Easy or get in touch with sales to learn more.

Sylvia Wampler

Sylvia Wampler

Sylvia Wampler is an Associate Product Marketing Manager at Braze, based out of Chicago. Outside of work, you can find her going on long runs on the lakefront trail, playing intramural leagues with friends, and drinking overpriced lattes.

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