Driving Experimentation: How Lyft Fuels Amazing Customer Experiences

Team Braze By Team Braze Aug 8, 2017

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If you’re looking to develop an authentic connection with your audience, experimentation is key. Testing your brand’s user experiences will give you an accurate look at what actually resonates with your customers. A good test will highlight your effectiveness and provide a clear path towards long-term engagement.

Ride-sharing app Lyft has built its entire marketing approach around experimentation—with amazing results.

Lyft Canvas

Lyft’s Milan Thakor speaking at LTR 2017 in New York City

Just over four years ago, the founders of Lyft joined forces to offer the world a new mode of transportation: one that goes beyond bringing you from point A to point B. They’ve worked to improve daily life for their customers with seamless user experiences that are as thoughtful as they are reliable. To accomplish this, Lyft’s engagement team combines rigorous experimentation with deep customer empathy to effectively engage users across channels. That means using in-house solutions in concert with Appboy’s lifecycle engagement platform to deliver the best passenger experience possible.

At this year’s LTR conference, Milan Thakor, Lyft’s Passenger Engagement Lead, walked us through how his team uses Appboy to create compelling journeys for their customers:

Thakor sat down with Appboy President and CRO Myles Kleeger to discuss how experimentation has benefitted his team. By testing a variety of promotional offerings and matching them to specific user profiles in the Appboy dashboard, Lyft has been able to optimize customer experiences at scale. Thakor called out Appboy’s ability to share actionable customer information with other systems, saying, “What’s really important for us is to be able to pass data back and forth into [Amazon Web Services’] Redshift” in order to analyze all the data at their disposal “in a singular place” to support a comprehensive, ongoing optimization program.

With a well-tested cross-channel strategy, Lyft delivers compelling brand moments that fit its customers’ unique goals, needs, and preferences. Each experience feels authentic. Thakor’s team uses lifecycle management tool Appboy Canvas, along with other Appboy solutions, to craft personalized user journeys that inspire long term, value-driven customer relationships. The goal? To provide the world’s best transportation. And if you ask us, they aren’t too far from it.

Are you looking to learn more about the tools that enable great customer engagement across channels? Take a look at Appboy Canvas, a powerful, highly visual software built for customer lifecycle management mastery.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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