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LTR 2019 Video: Privacy in the Age of GDPR and CCPA [VIDEO INSIDE]

By Team Braze Nov 02 2019

Data and privacy is experiencing a pivotal cultural moment. At this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference, Braze SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary Susan Wiseman moderated a panel with Cathleen Hartge, Head of Legal at Branch, and Julia Le, Senior Corporate Counsel at Insider Inc. to explore how the privacy and security landscape has shifted.

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • An exploration of GDPR and CCPA by three legal experts
  • The best ways to embrace and implement data privacy changes
  • How to prep for probable future data privacy legislation

A Whole New World of Privacy Needs

The rise of mobile unlocked previously unimagined amounts of data and made brilliant, transformative brand experiences possible. Unfortunately, it also led to widespread data-related scandals, from Equifax to Cambridge Analytica. With the passage of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), it’s time for brands to consider their compliance strategies.

In 2018, the enforcement of GDPR shook up data privacy and security as we knew it—not just in the EU, but around the world—by holding companies accountable for how they handle customer data and re-emphasizing individuals’ right to control their own information.

Together, these privacy experts shared how they’re preparing for the enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act, which is scheduled to come into effect in January 2020. As 17 other states in the U.S. are looking to pass privacy laws of their own, it’s clear the compliance issue is one worth tackling in the meantime.

Get Ready

To learn more about this year’s conference and how brands should respond to the changing regulatory environment and shifting consumer expectations, visit the LTR 2019 content roundup.

Team Braze

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