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LTR 2019 Video: Using The Power of Push To Fight Cancer [VIDEO INSIDE]

Tiffany Duncan By Tiffany Duncan Oct 23, 2019

When it comes to marketing, you need to forge a real connection with your audience if you want to see results. To help organizations get there, this year’s Long-Term Relationships (LTR) conference focused on how technology can help to strengthen the connections between brands and their customers in partnership with human empathy and creative strategy. Done right, it’s humanity in action.

It’s fitting, then, that one of LTR 2019’s featured speakers hailed from the quintessential humanitarian group: The American Cancer Society (ACS). Operating for more than 100 years, ACS has contributed over $4.6 billion in cancer research since 1946 while also working to provide much-needed prevention education, detection and treatment programs, and patient support initiatives. With its mission of ridding the world of cancer in mind, this nonprofit organization conducts a myriad of fundraisers and research efforts year-round to support its cause.

This session will cover:

  • How the American Cancer Society drives fundraising and engagement through push notifications
  • How to build brand relevance through a cross-channel messaging strategy

How ACS Used Braze to Increase Supporter Engagement

For ACS, that connection to their volunteers and donors is essential. Since 2016, the organization has used the Braze platform to successfully communicate with their user base on mobile, leveraging mobile push notifications to better engage with participants of events such as Relay for Life.

During LTR, Ben Kaplan, Sr. Director of Digital Product Management at ACS, shared how the organization utilizes Braze to increase fundraising engagement through a mobile fundraising app. These targeted, personalized communications include donation requests, achievements for reaching goals, event news, and general ACS info. They also send out push notifications to let people know how their fundraising dollars are spent. For example, when a participant raises over $100, the action triggers a push notification that shows how the money paid for a patient receiving care to stay in the Hope Lodge. All of these messages enabled ACS to increase donations by an estimated 34%.

Anything Else?

To learn more about this year’s conference and the power of push, visit the LTR 2019 content roundup.

Tiffany Duncan

Tiffany Duncan

Tiffany works with all of the marketing sub-departments to ensure the success of the marketing initiatives at Braze. When not in the office, you can find her at the movies or staring quizzically at a menu before deciding on the usual—a burger and fries.

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