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Just Eat Boosts Orders with Personalized Food-Delivery Recommendations

By Christine Kent Jun 2, 2020

Just Eat offers choices that cater to every taste, mood, occasion, and budget. Their mission is to make food discovery exciting for everyone and bring joy to every occasion. To do that well, you have to get personal. Restaurant recommendations cut through a choice overload of thousands of restaurants. By serving up a simple choice of three, Just Eat drives higher conversion rates.

Personalized Guides to Ordering In

Different types of recommendations were developed. One recommender serves up restaurants new to the customer based on the customer’s favourite cuisine. Another serves up restaurants with cuisine the customer has never ordered before. The most compelling recommender simply surfaces the customer’s most ordered from restaurants that have active offers. This series makes discovery a simple and compelling exercise for the customer, allowing some restaurants to gain greater visibility to the most relevant customers.

Just Eat used Braze to create these highly personalized campaigns. Modular message content in easy-to-use templates allows teams with minimal support to develop truly individualised campaigns

Blast off With Braze

Just Eat wasn’t satisfied with basic customer engagement. They wanted to create informed, personalized customer journeys with communications sent at the right time, across the right channels. Just 63 days after signing with Braze, the company launched their lifecycle email programmes orchestrated by the Braze platform’s Braze Canvas customer journey management feature, as well as app release-focused push notifications, in-app messages, and Content Cards. Using Canvas and the Braze platform’s Connected Content dynamic personalization capabilities, marketers could build campaigns without much help from the tech team, pulling in content from customer profiles.

For campaigns containing restaurant recommendations the company once again tapped Braze to support hyper-personalized content. Everything from email subject lines to images and copy was broken down into templated modules using Braze Content Blocks, with Connected Content used to personalize messages and dynamically pull in content.

“Working with a partner which is as keen as you are to continually challenge ourselves in order to deliver relevant customer communications that stand out, is a game changer, said Marie Feliho, Global Head of CRM, Just Eat. “Braze technology and dedicated team help us do just that.”

The Results: Increase in Orders and Engagement

By applying personalization to just about every aspect of customer communications and simplifying how their teams managed campaigns, Just Eat was able to make finding a great takeaway that little bit easier for every customer. The restaurant recommendation emails saw an average click-to-open rate uplift of 31% and an uplift in orders of up to 5%. Tasty, we think you’ll agree.

Final Thoughts

Every interaction with customers is an opportunity for connection. Just Eat made the most of these opportunities by using the Braze platform to customize everything from transactional messages to restaurant recommendation emails. To give teams around the world the freedom to quickly spin up campaigns, Just Eat built out templates that made every single email among millions sent completely individualised, with personalization from Connected Content to add that friendly touch automatically.

For more ideas on personalizing customer communications, read on to learn what posible when it comes to Braze for cross-channel personalization.

Christine Kent

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