Identify Trouble Spots at a Glance and Improve Engagement With Appboy Retention Analysis

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 2, 2015


While Appboy has long offered a suite of powerful analytics tools as part of our Mobile Marketing Automation platform, with retention analysis we are providing marketers with a simple, powerful feature that makes monitoring short- and long-term retention of your user base as easy as looking at a graphic.

This new feature automatically displays the percentage of retained users over a series of regular intervals, making it easy to identify user benchmarks and general problem spots for retention. After all, apps that are losing a significant number of customers in their first week need different marketing strategies than ones who see their biggest drop off in week five. Instead of waiting to see if new users will stick around, Appboy retention analysis allows you to draw on data reflecting engagement patterns experienced by past segments of users to proactively adjust your marketing outreach, preventing user declines before they ever occur.

Retention analysis empowers marketers to act swiftly and effectively on their data to keep users engaged. Responding to data trends revealed by retention analysis, messaging and social networking app textPlus saw their user retention rates increase by 15% after implementing Appboy-powered onboarding campaigns. This feature allows all mobile marketers to monitor their success at retaining users in a clear and meaningful way, resulting in better outcomes and a more engaged user base.

For more information about retention analysis, check out Appboy Academy.


Spencer Burke
Head of Success Squad

Team Braze

Team Braze