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How to Add Product Analytics to Braze: A One-Two Punch for Creating Authentic Customer Engagements

Denise Balbin By Denise Balbin Feb 23, 2024

Navigating the customer engagement landscape has become more challenging than ever. As customer expectations rise (and tolerance for broken experiences decreases), authenticity and connection are key. Personalization is not nice to have, it’s a must. Customers want your brand, product, or service to reach them in a way that feels cohesive and coordinated—on every channel they’re on.

Luckily, there are tools that can help you rise to the occasion. If you’re reading this, you know that Braze powers interactions between consumers and brands they love, regardless of your business’s size or technical competence. What you might not know: Product analytics is the secret sauce for collecting all of your data to help with more informed decision making and strategic execution

By adding Product Analytics to Braze, you can understand and personalize the user journey, using your customer’s own behavioral data to connect with them more authentically—and at scale, too.

How does Heap function with Braze?

Optimizing channel marketing

When you understand exactly where your users are in their digital journey, you can build personalized content in the right channel and deliver it at the perfect time. Braze Canvas, the Braze platform’s visual development environment which marketers can use as a no-code journey orchestration tool, lets you invest in the highest-intent channels and then personalize content based on each user’s journey. In today’s oversaturated market, this is how you engage users to ​​increase customer retention and loyalty, as well as achieve conversions.

Improving activation rates

Heap helps support lead acquisition by identifying friction points for new users, and revealing where they see their first value. You can then leverage this information to send the right message at the right time to selected cohorts using Canvas to improve journeys and coax the user to take their next best action.

An example: Say your product manager notices a drop in purchase rates for a particular product. A good PM would then use Heap to segment out users who abandoned a purchase for that product. You could then use Braze to create triggered push notifications or emails reminding users to complete their purchase—or to create and send targeted campaigns with additional recommended products or discount codes. Then you could use Heap to help inform more strategic and intelligent delivery across channels or engagement campaigns.

Increasing customer LTV

How do you keep users coming back to your site or mobile app? Use Heap to help identify lapsed users and then leverage Braze to activate lapsed users and expand usage of activated customers. Then using the Braze Cohort, teams can easily sync user data created in Heap and activate it within Braze.

Abundant data-driven insights that can be used to inform engagement that delights customers

With the right data, it’s possible to drive more impactful outcomes and provide a more relevant, valuable customer experience. Here are some of the things that become possible when you leverage Heap in concert with Braze:

  • Re-engage users who have abandoned a funnel. When users abandon the purchase or subscription funnel, trigger personalized messaging that can assuage their resistance and help solve their problems.

  • Personalize the trial experience. You’ll be able to identify friction points in trial experiences and send users correctly timed re-engagement reminders that help speed up time to value.

  • Drive higher engagement on announcements and offers. You’re able to easily target promotions, updates, and new service announcements to audiences ready to hear them.

So how does Heap work?

To start with, Heap collects all of your user data to create a 100% complete and reliable dataset. By leveraging autocapture and manual capture, it's simple to build the flexible dataset you need to ask any questions you want, even retroactively. With Heap, traditionally disparate datasets and tools come together across all your experiences using a combination of autocapture and manual capture.

Then Heap’s data science layer works seamlessly within your digital ecosystem to automatically surface meaningful events and show you hidden paths and points of friction. Where exactly do users drop off? When they are taking unexpected paths? Which categories of users are the most successful…and the least? Heap can show you all of these, automatically. Now you can discover insights in places you didn’t even know you needed to track!

Heap brings together quantitative and qualitative analytics, like Heatmaps and Session Replays, to reveal not only what your users did, but why they did it. Heap Journeys gives you a visual map of which paths and subpaths users take from the minute they land on your website. Are users going where you want them to? Heap gives you an easy way to find out.

You can look across the full customer journey in one tool, and get actionable insights for your whole team from a unified set of data. Your whole team can not only find points of friction but also deeply understand why they are happening by watching it, or can follow up on specific trouble sessions and understand an issue's impact at scale.

How do Heap and Braze collaboratively help you accelerate your customer engagement marketing?

Consider this simple 4-step cycle of data collection, analysis, application, and evaluation.

1. Segment: Use your Heap data to identify and segment the ideal groups of users based on their behavior across sessions and devices.

2. Target: Now you can build highly targeted user cohorts to speak directly and intimately to those users—people who get stuck at specific points in the purchase journey, window shoppers, high-value repeat customers, and more.

3. Message: In just one click, sync these user segments to Braze, and send your personalized messaging across email, push, SMS, Content Cards, and more.

4. Measure: Your Braze interaction events flow back into Heap, where you can measure which channels and which messaging are working for a given audience (and which are not) so you can optimize the right message with the right medium for the right audience.

Data is now invaluable for optimizing your campaigns, driving greater impact for your business, and getting the most value out of Braze!

Final Thoughts

Heap lets you use digital insights to create a tailored engagement strategy from what your customers are actually doing across their web and mobile app. We also offer a full complement of services tailored to your organization, no matter where you are in your analytics maturity progression.

Interested? Reach out and learn more about what you can do with our Braze integration, and how we can help create more value in your analytics journey!

Denise Balbin

Denise Balbin

Denise Balbin, Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Heap is a seasoned B2B partner marketing expert with over a decade of experience cultivating collaborative partnerships through a customer-centric marketing strategy.

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