How Personalized Engagement Supports Today's Marketing Landscape

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 11, 2021

When it comes to recent operating system updates from Apple and Google, one theme seems to dominate: Balance. Specifically, how do you balance customer privacy with personalized, memorable messaging?

According to Forrester, “Marketers are amassing data, profiling customers across devices, automating campaigns, and coopting customer values. But by overpivoting in these areas, they’ve creeped out customers who want some level of anonymity and authenticity from the brands they interact with**.”

Finding that balance is more urgent now that our connected mobile landscape allows us to reach users wherever and whenever. After all, more than one third of US households own a voice-controlled digital assistant. And nearly a fifth of Americans check their email right after they wake up. Because customers are connecting with devices almost constantly, it’s a brand’s job to show up consistently—and respectfully. Here’s how:

It’s About Collecting the Right Data

Today’s customers expect personalized, meaningful experiences—in fact, 72% of customers say that generic color-by-numbers marketing is a turn off. But actually achieving this ideal customer experience is about quality data rather than quantity.

An effective, data-driven marketing program relies on two components—analysis and action. For your marketing efforts to be truly data-driven, you have to have the information you need in order to understand your marketing efforts and how your customers are reacting to them, as well as the ability to adjust and optimize those efforts in the moment.

One of the first steps is figuring out both your short term and long term goals. If you’re focusing on basic messaging use cases based around generic or blast outreach, you don’t need to gather a lot of data. But this approach isn’t just the opposite of the kind of relevant, 1:1 messaging that today’s consumer craves; it’s also a distraction that can keep you from digging into your real data needs and ensuring that you’re collecting the information you need to build personalized and powerful messaging experiences that can drive real value for your brand and your customers alike.

So take the time to think through your data collection strategy; it’s the foundation of any successful personalization program going forward.

Dynamic Segmentation Helps You Personalize Thoughtfully

One of the best ways to deliver truly relevant, personalized messaging is through dynamic segmentation. Gone are the days of static, list-based segments. With dynamic segmentation, you’re targeting users based on the most up-to-date data. This way you can be sure the messages you send are genuinely engaging for your audience.

Building relationships requires that brands listen to their users as much as they speak to them. To make the most of dynamic segmentation, consider starting by focusing on key behaviors, such as previous user activity. You could target lapsing users by recognizing how long it’s been since they’ve last visited your app or website and how many days have passed since their most recent purchase was completed. This kind of practical, engagement-based targeting is just a first step, but it can go a long way toward providing your audience with more memorable, more responsive brand experiences.

Today’s Customers Expect a Human Touch

You can collect all the right data and sketch out the perfect engagement strategy. But if your messaging doesn’t feel human, you still might end up alienating customers. Our data shows that brands who strike a human feel are 1.9X more likely to be recommended by their customers. Simply put, humanity in your brand interactions can help you drive more conversions and realize better business outcomes.

Learn more about how Braze helps you meet your customers’ expectations and boost engagement in our 2021 Global Customer Engagement Review.

**"Marketers Versus Customers: Opposing Forces Erupt,” Forrester Research, Inc., January 20, 2021

Team Braze

Team Braze

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