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How Brands, from SMBs to Enterprises, Leverage Braze

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 15, 2022

Organizations of all sizes use Braze to launch, adapt, expand, and scale their customer engagement efforts. Three brands at various stages of growth—OkCupid, Underdog Fantasy, and Quizlet—spoke with us at FORGE 2022, our annual customer engagement conference, about how they’re taking advantage of Braze to fuel their marketing campaigns.

How Braze supports brands’ business objectives with examples from OkCupid, Underdog Fantasy, and Quizlet

OkCupid uses Braze to personalize the dating matching experience

The dating app’s primary business objective is matching people based on what they care about the most, and that’s something Braze has helped the team do more efficiently.

When the brand saw that users were adding culturally relevant stances like “If you’re anti-abortion, swipe left,” to their profiles, they decided to create a “Pro-choice” badge people could add to their profiles. Using Braze, they were able to ask users their stance, get the word out about the new badge, and connect daters with the same views, explains Ana Albornoz, Director, CRM Product Management at OkCupid.

“We love that Braze gives us flexibility and speed allowing us to accompany our users throughout their journey,” Ana adds.

Because dating is personal, being able to create individualized campaigns that help users navigate their dating journeys seamlessly is important to OkCupid and crucial to successful user engagement with the app.

Underdog Fantasy leverages Braze to convert new users into active users and keep active users engaged

The sports fantasy app uses a cross-channel Braze experienceto send emails and push notifications. These are the company’s top channels for driving user engagement and conversions from the very beginning of the user journey. These engagementsnavigate users through the account setup process and drive additional sessions along the way.

Push notifications in particular are a really critical channel to get incremental sessions out of our active users,” says Colette Lohr, CRM Manager at Underdog Fantasy. “We use these for everything from transactional notifications letting you know that your draft has begun, to a joke about the NFL game that is kicking off in an hour.”

Quizlet drives sessions, monthly active users, and subscribers with cross-channel personalization

The team relies on Braze for sending email , web push and leverages Connected Content to send personalized campaigns. Their most successful personalization campaigns hit a sweet spot of reaching a high volume of users while delivering highly personalized messaging based on individual users’ behavior.

“Figuring out a way to bring volume and personalization to our campaigns has been a game-changer,” says Cassie Tovar, Senior Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Quizlet.

Final Thoughts

Find out how a cross-channel messaging strategy helps small businesses (SMBs) increase user sessions, purchases, and rolling retention with comprehensive research from Braze on the impact of leveraging multiple marketing channels on SMB growth.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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