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Gain Key User Churn Insights With Braze Retention Reports

Team Braze By Team Braze Feb 14, 2022

For most companies, building a sustainable business model requires them to do more than just acquire customers—they also need to hold onto them. But in a marketing landscape filled with fierce competition and endless distractions, finding ways to create lasting relationships is often easier said than done. To achieve that key goal, marketers first need to understand the ins-and-outs of their current retention performance, setting the stage for them to take action on those findings to optimize their retention programs over the long haul.

That’s why Braze launched Retention Reports, a time-saving feature designed to make it easier for marketers to access easy-to-understand user retention visualizations in connection with every Braze-powered campaign or customer-journey. For more on this impactful tool and how it can help marketers optimize their customer engagement outcomes, read on.

Braze Retention Reports: Intuitive Visualizations Supporting Effective Action

For marketers, exporting, tagging, and analyzing the retention impact of each and every campaign and customer journey can be a grinding, time-consuming experience, leading many brands to keep less of a close eye on this KPI than they should. But to really make the most of their retention efforts, brands have to have a clear picture of where they are and the impact that comes with each campaign.

With Retention Reports, marketers can easily assess user engagement over time for each and every campaign and Canvas they create without ever leaving the Braze platform, simplifying the process of understanding and acting on key retention metrics. Leveraging these reports makes it simple to visualize the short-term and long-term campaign impact on retention—no data team needed. To help paint the clearest picture of campaign performance, Braze provides two different types of retention formulas within Retention Reports:

  • Rolling retention, which measures how many users return and perform a particular retention event on or after a specific number of days. This approach is simpler and can help to provide a simple, clear metric for assessing retention—for instance, if you want to know what percentage of your users came back to your app 14 days or mor after download, this approach provides a clear picture of that metric.

  • Range retention, which measures how many users return within a specified number of days. For example, a range retention report can detail the percentage of users who have engaged with a product within a month of its first use. This approach is great for identifying trends or patterns over a longer period of time—for instance, you could look at your app’s range retention on a weekly basis, allowing you to tell at a glance if you’re seeing a trend toward lower or higher retention over the course of the month.

(Interested in learning more about how to calculate user retention? Check out our look at the top three ways to calculate retention.)

Armed with Retention Reports, marketers can better understand whether campaigns perform better on specific days of the week, if users need additional boosts in retention at a certain point in the campaign, or whether overall campaign fatigue has set in. That’s especially helpful when A/B testing different re-engagement messages to determine the most impactful option. Marketers can use this feature to answer key questions like:

  • How did the re-engagement campaign impact retention after 1 day? 30 days?

  • Where does engagement start to fall off after receiving a campaign?

  • Which message variant impacted retention the most?

Final Thoughts

Things move fast in today’s marketing landscape. And without the right window into how your campaigns are moving the needle (or not) when it comes to retention, it’s easy to find yourself missing out on opportunities or falling behind competitors. Braze Retention Reports provide the insights you need to up your retention game and hold on users longer. By leveraging this campaign analytics feature, you can improve the short-term and long-term impact of your marketing communications and help turn lapsing users into loyal customers.

For more about Braze Retention Reports and how they work, check out our documentation. To learn about the effective customer retention methods used by leading brands, download the Braze Modern Retention Guide.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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