Create a Memorable Customer Journey With Braze Canvas

Joey Holloway By Joey Holloway Mar 10, 2021

**There's a new version of Canvas available. Learn about Canvas Flow here.

Great customer engagement takes planning. Just like travelers about to embark on a road trip, it’s important for brands to take the time to imagine and plot out what a full customer journey looks like for your customers. One great way to do that effectively? Braze Canvas.

Canvas is a Braze tool that allows brands to build, test, and optimize message flows on multiple channels so they can create the most valuable, memorable customer journeys possible. Let’s take a look at a couple brands that utilized Canvas to plan the perfect “road trip” for their users.

Wallapop Found Creative Solutions

Wallapop, an online secondhand marketplace based in Barcelona, was facing a different set of consequences from COVID-19. Centered on face-to-face reselling, Wallapop had to decide quickly how to keep customers engaged in the face of the shutdown. So they created the Wallachallenge.

The Wallachallenge presented users with one challenge per week for five weeks, assigning a task on a landing page (listing products, favoriting items, etc.) that would reward a prize once completed. To support this major effort, Wallapop leveraged Braze Canvas to orchestrate and send push notifications and IAM to individuals who fell into different segments (active, new, or had not opened the app in 15 days), with the goal of providing a cohesive, fun experience capable of nudging them to get more engaged.

The challenge was a resounding success: Users who received messages as part of the Wallachallenge carried out 235% more chats and made 227% more listings on the app. Overall, Wallapop saw a 31% rise in users per month during the Wallachallenge, boosting their business results in a very challenging landscape..

Final Thoughts

Whether as a way to seamlessly navigate through new challenges, or a desire to make an impact in the digital sphere, these brands designed an unforgettable journey for their users. Creating memorable experiences along a customer journey is what Braze is all about, and Canvas is a perfect tool to do so.

To learn more about how to improve your brand's customer journey across multiple channels, check out the Braze Messaging Channel Guide.

Joey Holloway

Joey Holloway

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