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Kelsey Cottingham By Kelsey Cottingham Dec 7, 2017

This summer, we had some of the biggest announcements in our company’s 6-year history. We celebrated our Series D funding round led by Iconiq capital. We were named a leader in the Forrester Wave: Mobile Engagement Automation report, Q3 2017 evaluation. And this September, we announced that Appboy would soon be renamed Braze.

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As of November 16th, 2017, we are officially Braze. We’ve got a new look and a new website to go with it. Check it out if you haven’t already.

As Bill Magnuson, cofounder and CEO of Braze, put it, “renaming our company to Braze is a representation of the strong, unwavering connection that our technology creates between people and the brands they love. The name, Braze, is borderless across channel, device, platform and moment in time–signifying the united, cohesive messaging that our intuitive, powerful, and reliable product delivers.”

A lot is changing. A lot will continue to change—that’s the nature of the business we’re in. But our purpose and our promise remain the same. We exist to humanize connections between people and the brands they love. We will continue to provide an amazing product. We will continue to hire people that we believe in. We will continue to grow, iterate, and think with our customers. We will still be us—only, “us” is now Braze.

Now let’s talk about what is changing.

New logos. New colors. A new name and a new website. A lot of the changes are clear at a glance—so we wanted to take a second to walk through some that are a little more subtle.

While we’ll still be providing you with useful, relevant, interesting content on the latest and greatest in the mobile marketing automation arena on our blog and our new resources and library pages, we’re reimagining the form that content takes—and how we bring it to you. We want to inspire you and your teams, create “Aha!” moments that push you to create stronger campaigns, and provide content you trust as much as you enjoy. So expect new outlets, fresh perspectives, and brilliant experiences all around.

For a sneak peek at what those experiences could look like, check out our new data report, The Cross-Channel Difference: How Breaking Down Silos Can Boost Engagement More Than 800%. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the notion Braze’s SVP of Marketing, Marissa Aydlett, gave our team throughout this transition: Buckle up. It’s gonna be an amazing ride.

Kelsey Cottingham

Kelsey Cottingham

Kelsey is a writer and editor based in New York. When she's not writing about the latest and greatest in mobile marketing for Braze, you can find her on the hunt for some proper gumbo in NYC.

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