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Braze Launches ISV Technology Partnerships Program

Matt McRoberts By Matt McRoberts Jun 29, 2021

Here at Braze, we’re big believers in the power of integrated, best-in-class customer engagement technology ecosystems because we’ve seen firsthand what the right marketing tech stack can do for our customers—and, more importantly, what it can do for our customers’ customers. That's why we launched our Braze Alloys program in 2018 and introduced Braze Alloys Solutions Partners in 2019: To support true connected engagement by allowing our customers to build out ecosystems designed for their unique needs and use cases. That, in turn, has made it even easier for brands to leverage Braze in tandem with other leading technologies and positively impact the customer experience in significant, meaningful ways.

As we've continued to scale our best-of-breed technology partnerships and infrastructure, Braze customers have asked for more partner integrations. At the same time, we’ve seen a growing number of technology companies asking to become official Braze Alloys partners. We’ve taken those requests seriously—and today I’m pleased to announce the next expansion of Braze Alloys with the launch of our new Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program, designed to meet this heightened demand and take customer engagement to the next level.

Everything You Need to Know About the Braze Alloys ISV Program

When you hear people talk about ISVs, they’re describing individuals and organizations focused on developing, marketing, and selling software solutions that run in connection with third-party software platforms. Here at Braze, we’re inviting ISVs of all sizes and focused on all industries to partner with us to develop integrations that will seamlessly work with our existing infrastructure.

In practical terms, the launch of our ISV program means that any of the technology partners or vendors that Braze customers currently work with (or would like to use) can easily apply to take part in our program and seamlessly connect their technology to our platform. By expanding our partnerships, we're allowing customers to satisfy additional use cases and greatly increase the number of technologies that can be used in tandem with the Braze platform. That's good for us and it's good for our customers, too.

"As a Braze ISV Partner, we are excited to complete our bidirectional integration by building into Braze as a Currents partner," said Matt Gray, VP of Global Partnerships, Tealium. "This allows for different use cases that will provide value by enhancing customer engagement programs for new and existing customers. Through the ISV program, we expect that accelerated revenue growth and new customer wins will be our next normal.”

The Benefits of the Braze Alloys ISV Program for Partners

It's never been easier to become a Braze technology partner. We're excited to launch a path to allow vendors to more quickly join the Braze Alloys ecosystem, enabling software companies to grow their businesses with our new standard process.

Our ISV Program enables partners to:

1. Integrate With Ease

Seamlessly connect your technology to our platform. Access robust documentation, best practices, enablement materials, and expert technical resources to build certified solutions for new and existing customers.

2. Increase Visibility

Expand your reach and drive additional awareness. Get your technology solution featured in our public-facing technology partner marketplace and make it available for integration from our customer-facing dashboard.

3. Go-to-Market Together

Accelerate lead generation, reduce time-to-value, and increase adoption of your ISV solution with access to co-branded marketing and sales materials—all from one Partner Relationship Management (PRM) portal.

"We are excited to be a Braze ISV partner, providing innovative solutions and custom-built integrations which enable mutual customers to enhance their post-install customer engagement programs even further," said Elad Mashiach, Chief Partner Officer, AppsFlyer. "By leveraging the AppsFlyer/Braze integration, marketers are able to use attribution data as an additional layer to better personalize messaging to their consumers, as well as enrich their Braze campaign data within AppsFlyer. Through this collaboration, we look forward to helping our mutual customers scale their activities."

Interested in becoming a Braze Alloys ISV Program Partner?

Learn more or apply to our ISV application and onboarding process. Once you apply, our partnership team will evaluate your submission and we’ll be in touch

Want to learn more about our new Braze Alloys ISV Program Partners?

Working with other vendors you wish could integrate with Braze? Have them email us at [email protected] and let us know!)

Matt McRoberts

Matt McRoberts

Matt McRoberts oversees all Braze programs related to the company's technology and agency partnerships, among other responsibilities. His passions include wrestling, hip hop, and, of course, classic 1980s coming-of-age film Vision Quest.

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