Appboy Now Supports Easy Cloning of Campaigns and Multivariate Tests

Team Braze By Team Braze Mar 10, 2015

Products_Announcments_2 Appboy is pleased to announce a new feature: marketing campaign and multivariate test cloning!

This one goes out to every mobile marketer who has ever wanted to create several new campaigns or tests based on a template that you’ve already built. Instead of having to review an old campaign and recreate each detail, Appboy allows you to simply clone pre-existing campaigns with the click of a button.


When you hit the “Duplicate” button, Appboy’s Marketing Automation for Apps platform will automatically clone the campaign or test and create a duplicate in draft form, allowing you to edit until everything is just the way you want it. It’s now easier than ever to adjust regular marketing campaigns to take advantage of new data, or update tests to compare additional elements.


To learn more about what you can achieve using this feature, along with best practices and sample use cases, check out this Appboy Academy page on cloning tests and campaigns.

Team Braze

Team Braze