Amplifying Marketing Impact: How Braze Supports Migration Excellence

Team Braze By Team Braze Oct 12, 2023

As brands embark on the journey to a modern customer engagement platform, they open the door to transformative opportunities. However, the process can feel overwhelming, especially when the move is a major upgrade. That’s why, here at Braze, we’ve built a comprehensive set of migration features and services to help cut the friction and reduce the stress associated with migrating to a new customer engagement platform. From swift onboarding to data-driven efficiency and cost savings, the Braze platform, our in-house services, and certified solutions partners can all help empower brands to unlock the full potential of their marketing endeavors. Let’s take a look at the three core pillars that support the Braze migration program:

Pillar 1: Simplify Migration for a Smooth Transition

Migrating to a new customer engagement platform can be a daunting task for brands, but our simplified migration process can help make the transition seamless. Both the Braze platform and our onboarding services are designed to help brands get up and running quickly while also maximizing the value they receive as a result of the migration process.

What this means for Braze customers

Ease of Migration: Braze offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies the migration process, and our expert guidance supports a smooth transition from legacy systems and point solutions alike.

Time-to-Cost Savings: The Braze platform's efficient data structure, adaptable APIs, and dedicated service teams enable quick, efficient setup, which can lead to significant savings for brands.

Maximized ROI: Migrating to Braze unlocks advanced capabilities for better segmentation, targeting, and personalization, designed to result in improved campaign performance and increased ROI.

Accelerated Time-to-Value: The Braze platform's turnkey data solutions free up time for strategy and creativity, enabling brands to start engaging customers and driving results quickly.

Right-Sized Customer Packages: Braze offers tailored onboarding experiences that cater to each brand's unique needs, ensuring a smooth and customized integration with the platform.

"Our onboarding strategy at Braze revolves around the Time to Integration (TTI) and Time to Value (TTV) matrix. Our goal is not just cost savings but also increased ROI. Within 90 days from the start of onboarding, our goal is to complete migrating your historical user data and enable real-time data flow. During that time, we also set all up your channels, such as email, push, and SMS. Our dedicated onboarding team will be there every step of the way, guiding you through the integration process to achieve success!"

—Bansri Manek, Senior Customer Onboarding Manager I, Braze

Pillar 2: Achieve Optimal Results Via Data-Driven Efficiency

In today's digital landscape, data is the key to unlocking the full potential of marketing efforts. We are committed to empowering brands to make the most of our seamless data integration capabilities. By harnessing the power of real-time data, Braze enables brands to create personalized and impactful customer experiences that drive tangible results.

What this means for Braze customers

Leverage Data More Easily: The Braze platform includes intuitive APIs, client libraries, and partner connectors that easily enable access to real-time data for informed decision-making and timely messaging.

Time-to-Value With Turnkey Integrations: The Braze platform's turnkey integrations connect the platform with over 100 technologies, which helps streamline setup and reduce time-to-value for effective marketing campaigns.

Speed-to-Data Ingestion: The Braze platform is built to expediently handle any data, supporting true real-time experiences. That provides marketers with timely and relevant insights—and the ability to take swift action based on them.

Maximized Performance at Scale: The Braze platform is built on streaming data, supporting in-the-moment activation and results, including high performance as customer interactions scale.

Increased Lifetime Value: With unified data and personalized interactions, Braze makes it easier for brands to take effective action, enhancing customer lifetime value and fostering loyalty.

Pillar 3: Reduce Overall Marketing Spend by Consolidating Systems

To stay competitive, brands need to find ways to optimize their marketing budgets while still maintaining exceptional customer engagement programs that drive customer lifetime value (LTV) and long-term relationships. The Braze platform and our services teams partner to make that possible, providing brands with an all-in-one solution and strategic guidance to allow them to streamline costs and simplify operations.

What this means for Braze customers

Reduced Tech Costs: By consolidating customer engagement into a single solution, Braze eliminates redundancy, sprawl, and the need for channel-specific point solutions.

Decreased Complexity: An end-to-end customer engagement solution means teams don’t need to switch between tools to carry out cross-channel campaigns to reach their customer engagement goals.

Less Tech Debt: Since Braze is built to handle any data, no matter how it’s nested or structured, companies can start activating the full range of data at their disposal without requiring technical teams to launch campaigns, build and maintain bespoke data pipelines, or figure out one-off workarounds to achieve core use cases.

Final Thoughts

In order to get the full benefit of a best-in-class customer engagement platform, it’s important to take a strategic approach to the migration process. You also need a partner who is committed to your success every step of the way. To learn more about the Braze migration difference, check out Migration Made Easy.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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