Action on Your eCommerce Data With Braze and Shopify

Team Braze By Team Braze Dec 16, 2022

Between the rise of hybrid shopping behaviors and increasing customer expectations for personalized shopping experiences, today’s leading retailers and eCommerce brands recognize that they have to deliver contextually relevant experiences in the moment to empower shoppers to find and buy what they need, when they need it, wherever they are, or risk losing customers to the competition. While the majority of brands (85%) think they’re delivering tailored experiences, far fewer consumers (60%) feel the same way, according to a study from Shopify.

By bringing together the power of the Braze customer engagement platform with your first-party data from Shopify, you can deliver relevant, timely messaging across channels, transforming the eCommerce shopper journey and personalizing the customer experience at scale.

What’s Possible When You Combine Shopify and Braze

Steven Aldrich, Cofounder and Co-CEO of the Braze Alloys Solutions Partner Ragnarok, a digital agency that helps companies integrate MarTech solutions to create engaging content, says his clients are tapping the Braze x Shopify integration to action on Shopify data ASAP—sending abandonment campaigns and deploying pre-purchase and post-purchase messaging flows faster. They’re also using the data to target smarter, leveraging our segmentation capabilities to target based on customer LTV and Braze Predictive Suite to target cohorts of users based on likelihood of making a purchase.

Brands that integrate Braze and Shopify are able to:

  1. Create personalized experiences based on real-time Shopify data.

  2. Orchestrate timely communications across the full range of digital marketing channels (email, SMS, push notifications, in-app and in-browser messaging, etc.).

  3. Optimize campaigns and customer journeys to increase engagement, sales, customer retention, and customer loyalty.

3 Key Braze x Shopify Use Cases

Here are three of the many ways retail and eCommerce brands are activating their store data to better engage shoppers throughout their journeys.

#1: Send real-time transactional messaging

Problem: Your support team is inundated with emails from customers waiting on updates about their recent orders.

Solution: With the Braze and Shopify integration, eCommerce websites can send transactional messages throughout the fulfillment cycle, in real-time during key milestones, such as when an order is confirmed, fulfilled, or canceled.

#2: Deploy customer engagement surveys on your Shopify website

Problem: Users are unsubscribing after receiving too many marketing communications.

Solution: Use our survey capabilities to launch an in-browser survey on your Shopify store targeting users on your email list to understand what communications are relevant to them and how often they want to receive these updates.

#3: Send personalized product recommendation campaigns

Problem: Your Shopify website is getting plenty of traffic but users are abandoning their carts before successfully completing a transaction.

Solution: Leverage Shopify’s “product clicked” and “product viewed” activity to create segments of users in Braze to follow up with and send them Braze campaigns that encourage them to make a purchase.

Optimize the Shopping Journey with Braze x Shopify

To explore how you can use Braze and Shopify together to deliver real-time scalable personalized experiences, check out our comprehensive guide to Optimizing the Customer Shopping Journey with Braze x Shopify.

Team Braze

Team Braze