10 Customer Retention Campaigns That Drive Results

Team Braze By Team Braze Apr 4, 2024

Finding more ways to hold onto more customers is an important part of any company’s success. But many marketers struggle to take action on their retention marketing goals, leading users who might otherwise stick around to begin to drift. To successfully carry out retention marketing programs, brands tend to leverage one or more of these four key strategies:

  1. Add use cases to engage customers at more stages of the customer lifecycle

  2. Increase the frequency of use of a brand’s products or services/interactions with a brand

  3. Increase the number of features of a brand’s products or services being used

  4. Increase the intensity of each use of the brand’s products or services

So what can that look like in practice? The ten following retention-focused campaigns help brands put these strategies into action and develop the kinds of individual, personal, long-term relationships that can retain engaged customers long after their initial interaction.

10 Impactful Retention Campaigns

1. Loyalty Enrollment Campaigns

Loyalty enrollment campaigns are designed to encourage enrollment in your company’s loyalty and reward program, which reinforces the value of your product offering and bolsters users’ personal investment in your brand via discounts, referrals, and exclusive access.

2. Product Feedback/Net Promoter Score (NPS) Campaigns

Asking customers how things are going immediately following key engagement moments, such as after they create an account or complete their first transaction, can produce insights your team can use to reinforce what’s going well and prioritize enhancements that will keep customers coming back.

3. Product Adoption Campaigns

Following onboarding, it’s important that you’re able to help customers discover and use key features of your products or services. Personalized product adoption campaigns help introduce the right features to the right users, so they can become familiar with products, services, or capabilities they haven’t yet used.

4. Order Tracker/Fulfillment Campaigns

Real-time tracking notifications, which get automatically triggered when a product is shipped or delivered, build trust and provide a key opportunity to engage with customers post-purchase.

5. Milestone/Anniversary Campaigns

Personalize experiences for your most engaged and loyal customers with milestone and anniversary campaigns that highlight their activity with your brand. Messages that show customers why they love you (and why you care) help to deepen the relationship.

6. Lapsing User Campaigns

Users who drop off need a different, tailored approach. For maximum impact, reach out with personalized messaging based on past behavior and preferences that remind them why they love your brand.

7. Win-Back Campaigns

If your regular marketing campaigns aren’t doing enough to keep customer attrition in check, then consider adding win-back campaigns to your messaging mix. Use customer data to uncover effective ways to remind lapsed users why they love your brand.

8. Social Activity Messaging Campaigns

Social activity messaging campaigns allow brands to harness the power of community to encourage customers to take action by showing them what their friends are doing. These updates are particularly compelling since people are more likely to participate when they see others joining in.

9. Year-In-Review Campaigns

Year-in-review campaigns highlight all the ways your customers benefit from your brand. These tailored messages leverage behavioral data to showcase how customers have engaged with your products and services over the past 12 months.

Check out how Peacock decreased churn by 20% with their year-in-review campaign.

10. Value Demonstration Campaigns

While annual recaps are effective, there’s no reason brands have to wait until the end of the year to remind customers of the value they get from your brand. To help drive consumer confidence and loyalty, consider sending campaigns highlighting how they benefit from you on an ongoing basis.

Final Thoughts

These campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to driving stronger retention outcomes. Get the Braze Inspiration Guide: 50 Customizable Campaigns to Take Your Customer Engagement Efforts to the Next Level for more insights on the value of retention marketing campaigns, pro tips for launching these retention campaigns, and the suggested channels to use to achieve the strongest results.

Team Braze

Team Braze

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