Bloom & Wild Quickly Creates Personalized Email Campaigns With Braze Content Blocks


Product Feature:

85% Reduction in campaign build time


Bloom & Wild custom-built promotional emails, but struggled with making them scalable, responsive, and easy to iterate across markets.


Using Braze Content Blocks, Bloom & Wild created easily editable modules within email messages that could be customized without in-depth technical knowledge.


The team saw an 85% reduction in build time coupled with a higher customer response rate and increases in average order value.

Sending someone flowers is a time-honored tradition, whether you’re letting that special someone know you love them (Hi, Mom!), or just brightening a friend’s day. While the practice of sending a bouquet may not have changed much over the years, the way it’s actually done certainly has. Bloom & Wild allows customers in Europe to easily and quickly send high-quality flowers to friends and family.

Reaching the flower-buying audience, however, requires effective messaging, and a big part of Bloom & Wild’s promotional strategy was built around another tried-and-true method of reaching out: Email. But Bloom & Wild recognized that it was facing a scaling challenge when it came to reaching its customers with personalized messaging across markets.

Fortunately, like a tulip on a warm spring morning, a solution opened its petals and presented itself in the form of Braze Content Blocks.

Creating Personalized Emails At Scale

Bloom & Wild knew that updates about their products, discounts, and other vital information needed to be specifically targeted across the five markets they served—and also formatted to fit whatever platform their audience might use to engage with them. So they set about creating a series of personalized campaigns that would properly target the different segments of their customer base.

Their first effort didn’t offer the highest-quality experience for the recipient. The messages were composed of image files stacked on top of each other, meaning they were neither easy to edit nor responsive across various platforms. Tailoring differing email content depending on—for example—the language used in the target market required completely unique builds, making the process of rolling out campaigns at scale either onerous or downright impossible.

Channels Utilized

Bloom & Wild needed to create a system that gave their emails the ability to feature variable content with a consistent look and feel without the production required by their current method. Braze Content Blocks made that possible.

Braze Content Blocks Trim Build Time for Bloom & Wild

Content Blocks allow brands to manage reusable content in a single location. In Bloom & Wild’s case, this centralized tool allowed them to create a consistent layout that they could scale without worrying about different languages, links, or other variables. First, the development team created a variety of modules for Content Blocks with varying designs and formats, with placeholders for copy, images, and URLs. Then, the CRM team created a paste bin sheet containing the code needed for the HTML editor that powered Bloom & Wild’s email, and unique values could be swapped in to adjust content depending on the particular campaign.

As a result, the labor involved in crafting highly-customized email was reduced significantly. It was a quick process to read and register elements, and the interchangeable nature of content blocks modules made spinning up iterations of emails tailored to, for example, mobile devices simply a matter of a few swaps. In fact, the methodology involved was so efficient and easy-to-use that a new hire with zero HTML knowledge was able to build emails without the need for extensive re-training. In the end, Bloom & Wild was able to create personalized, scalable emails with an estimated 85% reduction in build time.

“With Braze Content Blocks, we were able to increase the value of our messages while reducing the time our team spent creating them. Being able to deliver highly-personalized emails at scale has vastly improved the effectiveness of our campaigns.”

Conor Irvine
Senior Retention Associate at Bloom & Wild
85% Reduction in build time

Key Takeaway

Personalization is an important part of crafting effective email messaging. However, if that personalization requires an extensive amount of labor, teams may not be able to deliver that value to their customers. That’s why tools like Content Blocks can be vital to generating the best return on investment when it comes to customized user messaging.

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