Email marketing is changing fast.

Your customer engagement strategy has to change with it.

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Campaign Orchestration

Blur the lines between art and science. Use our email editor to create beautiful, responsive emails that are triggered by specific customer behaviors and actions, and orchestrate with ease using our customer journey tool, Canvas. Every interaction will inform what happens next, while Braze keeps the conversation flowing across channels.

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Personalization and Customization Tools

Transform every email into a unique customer experience. Resonate on a deeper level with language-based personalization or messaging infused with real-time information (like local weather or relevant flight data) taken from public APIs and your servers. Make it happen with our easy-to-use Email Editor and customizable templates.

Sending Engine

For emails to resonate, they need to reach your customers on their terms. With Braze you can send your transactional emails and promotional emails all from one place. This makes it a breeze to setup personalized, one-to-one communication, or speak more broadly to general audiences. And our dedication to deliverability means that you can trust that your emails will be delivered to the right place, at the right time. Get live previews as you code, allowing you to see how your emails will render across email clients and mobile devices in seconds.

Insights through reporting

Enjoy reporting on the metrics that you’re most interested in, from click rates to conversion performance, in real time. Braze tracks everything from sends, opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribe rates, and more. Plus, it’s even easier to follow customer behavior with our visual heat maps. They reveal your engagement hot spots with detailed insights on individual user interactions in every campaign.

Services & Expertise

Hit the ground running with proven best practices for high-performing email marketing by tapping into strategic services, resources, and support at Braze.


Optimize the performance of your email messaging by adding it to your cross-channel campaigns on Braze. Use Braze’s machine learning capabilities, Intelligence Suite tools, and detailed reports to boost conversions and increase long term engagement.

Editing & Testing

Create and launch emails with ease using the platform’s HTML Email Editor, Live Preview, and error review guides.

Look, no hands! Ibotta uses Braze to test 97 email variants at any given time while simultaneously optimizing timing, visuals, & more.

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