Great customer engagement doesn’t just happen. To highlight efforts, insights, and strategies from key players in customer engagement, we’re sitting down with Paulo Siqueira of direct-to-consumer (DTC) women’s fashion brand AMARO.

Great customer engagement doesn’t just happen. Behind every thoughtful email or perfectly-timed push notification, there are people who do the work that makes them possible. To highlight efforts, insights, and strategies from these key players in customer engagement, we’re sitting down and interviewing notable individuals from marketing, growth, and engagement-related teams. In this edition of The Marketer’s Perspective, we’ll be talking to Paulo Siqueira, CRM lead at direct-to-consumer (DTC) women’s fashion brand AMARO.

Can you tell us about your typical day at the office?

At AMARO, we send campaigns every day—so we constantly need to keep our eyes open to see if we’re targeting the right audience. Sometimes we have to make changes. For example, we noticed that the weather was going to be chilly for the next couple days, so we changed all the campaigns we’d planned to send to make the messaging more accurate.

We’re constantly testing things here at AMARO. Yesterday, for instance, we launched our Whatsapp Business Messaging channel. It was quite easy to implement because of webhook campaigns; we had the ability to integrate through other APIs. We spent three days setting things up and then launched it with a send to our employees as a test. Because everything went smoothly, we ended up launching it for our customer shortly afterward.

What excites you about what you do, where do you see opportunity?

It’s exciting that we have the flexibility to consistently try new things—and that Braze has the flexibility to integrate with other SasS platforms. It’s also exciting to send personalized communications using Liquid.

What is the most challenging part of being a marketer right now?

Ensuring that you’re always up to date on what’s new. Every day there are new things going on and we want to continue to learn more. It’s important to use to ensure that we’re in touch with the different Braze teams developing these products so we can have the opportunity to test them out before they officially launch.

What is your biggest marketing challenge right now (and how are you addressing it)?

Understand the ideal frequency of communication for each user. We want to send as many messages as we can to keep the lines of communication open, but we need to respect users’ willingness to receive outreach from us. Right now, we’re working on using the Notification Center to allow users to choose how frequently they want to receive emails and push notifications.

What skills are most important if you want to succeed in today’s marketing landscape?

Learning fast, and understanding some aspects of the technical side of things. You can operate Braze without coming from a technical background, but you can extract even more value if you push yourself to understand what’s happening on the tech front.

When and how did you first start using Braze?

We began using Braze in 2017 and launched our first messaging campaign while we were still migrating from another platform. We were looking for a solution that could integrate push, email, and in-app messages.

Since then, we’ve been trying to use Braze to send all of our communications. It’s been a long journey, burt we’re now sending every message through Braze, even transactional emails. And when it comes to SMS, we use Braze to manage the timing and targeting of text messages that are sent with our partner integration.

How would you describe Braze to a peer that has never used it before?

Braze is a very powerful tool for orchestrating automatic campaigns and building highly-personalized, user-friendly messaging campaigns.

What's your favorite part about Braze? Why?

Connected Content is my favorite feature, because of the way it allows us to check for other APIs and use the information they possess in conjunction with Liquid personalization. This is a very powerful feature and I’m excited to keep exploring it.

What big wins or ‘ah-ha’ moments have you had since using Braze?

I remember the first time we sent an automated campaign using Braze. We were targeting users who had abandoned their cart. It was nice to see that Liquid personalization was working and that we could personalize every campaign based on user events captured within Braze. Starting from there, we’ve created a multitude of campaigns using Liquid.

What KPIs or metrics matter the most for your business when it comes to understanding engagement or predicting future behavior?

Open rates and click-through rates are important to us. But at the end of the day, the most important KPIs are how many first-time buyers we’ve acquired and how many customers we’ve retained.

What messaging channels are you currently using to reach and engage your customers? Are there any that you’d like to add to the mix?

We’ve been using email, in-app messages, push notifications, and SMS. The most recent channel we’ve added is WhatsApp Business messaging—we’re sending transactional messages through WhatsApp to notify users that we’ve received their order, shipped their order, etc. We’re also looking to use Facebook Messenger. I would love if Brazilians used Facebook Messenger more because there are a lot of great features we could leverage with it.

How does your team work to optimize the messages and brand experiences you provide to your customers? What tools and tactics do you use?

To optimize messages and our brand experience, we perform many A/B tests. Recently, we tested a very specific subject line versus a more broad one that doesn’t indicate the content of the email. These tests help us understand what approach will provide the highest open rate. We do this sort of work every day to help us optimize our messages. Next, we’re planning to optimize the time we send messages using Braze Intelligent Delivery.

Thanks, Paulo! To learn more about how other Braze clients are using the Braze platform to support brilliant customer experiences, check out our client stories page.

Paulo Siqueira

Paulo is a business administrator and passionate about technology based in São Paulo, Brazil. Leads AMARO's CRM team, a digitally native fashion brand that sells omnichannel on amaro.com and in digitally immersive brick-and-mortar Guide Shops. Outside AMARO, you can find him playing videogames or skydiving.