Learn about Braze Canvas—within a Braze Canvas!—with our exclusive “choose your own marketing journey” story. In this installment, our hero sets up alerts using a Slack integration to keep her team up to date on their push campaigns.

Jenny loved your idea to set up alerts. She felt it struck the right balance of asking for permission while keeping people aware. Sometimes marketing is as much about internal politics as it is about getting results. But she’s toed that line before!

Next, she dug into what Braze could do to help keep her Politer Weekly colleagues in different departments informed and engaged with her work. Finding a healthy mix of content-driven marketing and evergreen lifecycle efforts is key to the brand’s long-term success.

After exploring the docs and going over past pain points with her boss, she created a Slack channel and invited key teammates into it. To set up the alerts, all she had to do was set up a webhook with threshold limits and now it will post updates to the designated Slack channel. She then took screenshots from her devices and posted examples in the channel for transparency. Plus, it never hurts to slide in some Canvas Variant Report screenshots as a subtle “yeah, it’s working” message, too.

Ashley Christiano

Ashley Christiano is a Product Marketing Manager at Braze’s NYC headquarters. When she’s not knee-deep in Canvas content, she’s probably sorting her books by color, writing horoscopes, or hanging out with her cat Gracie and dog Louise.