Watching and streaming have become synonymous.

Your audience's favorite entertainment content is ready to play whenever, wherever. Statista says 54% of all TV households in America had a Netflix subscription in 2017, up from 28% in 2011. And chances are it'll only grow higher.

Your best channels aren't on TV.

As the world turns, new trends arise. Pew Research reports that 66% of American adults now get news on both desktop and mobile. So if you're not getting your messages across on these channels, you might be missing key opportunities to connect with your audience.

Music has a new home.

Variety reports that in 2016, streaming services generated more than 50% of American music revenue for the first time. This means that the time to adapt was basically yesterday, so where does that leave your brand?

Multitasking should be expected (and embraced).

eMarketer reports that 31% of people reported using a second screen to browse content related to programs they were watching live. So, in order to stay relevant, you should have plans to capture attention from all angles.

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Here's How It's Done

Optimization & AI

Intelligence Suite empowers you to combine empathy with AI to create relevant, continuous, human campaigns delivered when, where, and how your customers need them most.


Cross-Channel Personalization

Personalize messaging across channels using your customer data. This personalization scales, so that you can be thoughtful whenever, wherever.


Lifecycle Engagement Orchestration

Canvas makes building sophisticated, responsive campaigns easy. Our drag-and-drop interface guides you through the creation process, one step at a time.


Braze is a Leader,

Learn why Braze (formerly Appboy) was placed highest for ability to execute out of 15 mobile marketing companies.

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