Yonder Engages Customers and Demonstrates Value With Individualized, Data-Driven Braze Campaigns
60% Lower churn for the cohort than expected


As a small business focused on growth and reliant upon consumer trust, credit card service Yonder knew they needed a strong engagement strategy from the moment they launched.


Yonder built a martech stack fueled by streaming data to create a strategic, personalized email strategy that would engage and retain new customers.


With this strategy, Yonder was able to achieve a 95% unique open rate with 0% unsubscribes and a churn rate 60% lower than expected.

Designed for those seeking adventure, UK-based Yonder launched a credit card that would deliver more value to consumers through up to a 5X points multiplier on purchases, best-in-class travel insurance perks, and lack of foreign transaction fees. Those with no established credit in the UK are welcome to apply, making it an accessible option for expats.

CEO and Cofounder, Tim Chong told that “[other] cards are ridden with hidden fees, discriminatory credit scoring, and rewards that belong in the 1990s, all in the interest of the bank’s quarterly earnings. We’re challenging the status quo with a card that helps our members to discover the best of their city, and a promise to put the customer first.”

Prior to launching, Yonder integrated Braze so they could start delivering the valuable, personalized customer experiences that drive acquisition, engagement, and retention—and ultimately help businesses scale. Also, as a credit card company, it’s especially important for Yonder to earn consumer’s trust, and the customer experience is central to building that relationship.

Let’s take a deeper look into how they’ve been utilizing Braze to establish impactful connections with their users, making being a Yonder cardholder not just a smart financial decision, but a lifestyle.

Building Loyalty through Demonstrating Value

To begin with, Yonder has focused primarily on outbound emails with the goal of engaging their users and communicating value throughout key steps of the customer journey.

On the first day of each month, cardholders receive a “Monthly Partners Email,” intended to announce new awards and ultimately get card holders to earn them. Built in the Braze HTML editor, the emails are designed to mimic the look and feel of their app—simple, clean, and aesthetically pleasing. Yonder measures the success of these monthly blasts by opens, clicks, and unsubscribe rates, as well as customer anecdotes about the campaign itself.

Customers have come to not only expect the informative email, but they also enjoy it, with many users opening the email multiple times each month. This monthly blast is a clear value-add to the customer experience, keeping users in the loop about where their card can earn them the most points in the city, while also introducing them to exciting new spots they may not have visited yet.

Channels Utilized

Alloys Partnerships

Three months after sign-up, Yonder sends another email at a key point in the customer journey. Currently, Yonder is successfully driving applications with a new cardmember offer that packs a ton of value: Three months free and a £50 dining credit. After the three-month period ends, cardholders must pay £15 monthly to keep their account open. While it’s typical for Americans to pay for a rewards card, it’s not a common practice in the UK, making this moment even more critical for Yonder to find a way to quantify their value.

Yonder’s team recognized that this marks a critical lifecycle moment to build trust and transparency. In order to incentivize the transition from a trial user (likely drawn in by a great deal) to a loyal subscriber, Yonder wanted to find a way to show users just how much value they’ve earned from their card in their first 90 days. They found that cardholders weren’t calculating how much money the card saves them, and recognized the opportunity to leverage their data to create messaging that demonstrates their value, as well as excites customers.

They were able to calculate the savings through Braze Alloy tech partners Segment and Amplitude, and then seamlessly integrate the data into customized email templates using Liquid personalization features in Braze.

“Choosing to implement Braze even though we didn't even have customers yet was absolutely the right investment for us. Braze has made life infinitely easier for us—we see it as an investment in our future growth.”

Tom Davies
Head of Marketing, Yonder

Yonder Results: Communicating Value Translates to High Open Rates, Low Churn

Yonder hit the ground running by integrating Braze before launching the Yonder Card to help keep users engaged and informed, achieving a 95% unique open rate with 0% unsubscribes and a churn rate 60% lower than expected.

95% Unique open rate
0% Unsubscribes
60% Lower churn for the cohort than expected

Yonder Timeline


Yonder founded

July 2021

Seed funding

Oct 2021

Became a Braze customer

Nov 2021

Finished onboarding

Nov 2021

First email campaign sent

March 2022

Yonder card officially launches in UK

April 2022

"First month partner email" launched

Aug 2022

"First three months with Yonder" email launched

Sept 2022

Second iteration of "first three months with Yonder" launched

Key Takeaways

  1. Don’t expect your users to understand just how much value you’re providing. Glean insight from your wealth of data in order to communicate value directly, and your efforts will pay dividends.

  2. Differentiating yourself in an inherently competitive market drives value and helps you stand out from the crowd. Make owning your product a well-rounded experience, and it becomes a lifestyle choice, not just an expense.