Rooster Teeth Increases Conversion Rate by 5.4X With Braze and Shopify

When audio-video production company Rooster Teeth wanted a more efficient way to drive sales and create a new revenue stream, they turned to Braze and Braze Alloys technology partner Shopify. By using Braze and Shopify together, Rooster Teeth was able to leverage a seamless, data-driven solution that gave them more visibility into the impact their emails have on conversion, and saving 1 hour per week.

Founded in 2003, Rooster Teeth is a fan-driven, community-built entertainment company, producing several original content series including: RWBY, the most popular western-style anime series today; The Rooster Teeth Podcast; and daily video series featuring an in-house cast of influential talent.

With a reach of 45 million YouTube subscribers, 5 million unique weekly viewers across its hub, and 4 million registered community members, Rooster Teeth has an enormous global audience to keep in touch with, as well as many opportunities to monetize those strong customer relationships. So after creating a storefront to sell fans merchandise based on their content, Rooster Teeth looked for a cross-channel customer engagement solution that would drive more revenue in their store and diversify their messaging mix.

That’s when they switched to Braze.

How It’s Done in Braze

Rooster Teeth started their online store as a tangible way to build deepering relationships between their large, passionate audience and the content they love. However, the team lacked the tools needed to collect and take action on data straight from their customers, leading to outdated experiences and less targeted messages.For example, Rooster Teeth’s small team would spend hours pulling shopper lists, wrangling data and reporting each week, but still found that their process lacked the ability to give them a holistic view of their campaigns and understand their storefront customers better.

Those limitations led them to look for a more streamlined solution—something they found with Braze and Braze Alloys technology partner Shopify.

Adding Braze to Rooster Teeth’s tech stack was easy and intuitive, with fairly little setup time and only minimal work to clean up their pre-existing customer data. Rooster Teeth was also able to seamlessly integrate Braze with their instance of Shopify to automatically bring customer data back to Braze for a much faster experience in campaign analysis and reporting. Thanks to this change, manually pulling shopper lists and spending hours on reporting instantly became a thing of the past, saving the Rooster Teeth team time they knew would be better spent on campaign ideation and creatively engaging their customers.

Since adopting Braze, the Rooster Teeth team has been able to engage users in more meaningful and personalized ways on the channels where they prefer to receive their news. That’s thanks in part to Canvas, the Braze customer journey management feature, and the platform’s segmentation and personalization tools. In addition, Rooster Teeth was able to use Braze dynamic segmentation tools to effectively reach the right members of their audience without annoying those who aren’t interested in their online store.

“With the Braze and Shopify integration, we’re able to better personalize content while cutting down on campaign creation time. It’s allowed us to deepen the relationships with our consumers and drive more revenue.”

Philip Hanson
Director of Digital Marketing and Audience Development at Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth Results: Less Contact, More Conversions

After integrating Braze and Shopify, the Rooster Teeth team saw a 5.4X increase in their new product conversion rate, showcasing the improved impact that these campaigns were having. In addition, the company was able to decrease the amount of emails they were sending by roughly half while also saving themselves an average of 1 hour per week in connection with building emails.

Final Thoughts

By leveraging Braze together with Shopify, Rooster Teeth was able to improve their customers’ experience by providing more personalization and more relevant messaging on the channels all across the customer journey.

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