Fashion Retailer Pomelo Boosts Conversions by 300% With Help From Braze and Friends
300% Increase in conversions


Pomelo needed to create a personalized promotion strategy for its Refer-A-Friend and Partnership programs.


The brand leveraged marketing automation tools from Branch, Segment, Voucherify, and Braze to drive data-fueled promotions.


Personalized campaigns saw open rates of up to 50% in some markets, and a 300% increase in conversion rates.

Pomelo is a platform for fashion focused women all around the world. As Southeast Asia's first and leading omnichannel fashion platform driven by technology, Pomelo aims to deliver the best products along with data driven personalised experiences. Pomelo has made it a mission to deliver a seamless online shopping experience, producing a range of stylish, affordable clothes for the digitally-native female consumer.

Alloys Partnerships

It should come as no surprise then that the brand would mold its promotional mindset around the idea of having the right tools for the right job. A technology-driven company by nature, Pomelo knew it needed to craft a personalized marketing strategy tailored around their users’ online behaviors and preferences. To make that mission a reality, the company turned to Braze and its integrated Braze Alloys partners at Branch, Segment, and Voucherify. By utilizing the marketing technologies on offer to collect and utilize customer data, Pomelo made sure its referral and partnership programs were runway-ready.

Segment and Braze Bring Data Together

The foundation of any personalized campaign is, of course, user data, which can be leveraged to craft audience segments and determine how best to reach them. Thanks to its online-first retail philosophy, Pomelo was able to collect first-person data about its customers’ purchases, preferences, and interactions. The company then turned to Braze partner and customer data platform (CDP) Segment to collect, streamline, and format the data it gathered so that it could be easily fed to other platforms.

From there, Braze took over. With information served up by Segment, Pomelo used Braze to craft personalized engagement messaging that could be directed toward dynamically segmented audience groups. With its ability to power coordinated messaging content across multiple channels, Braze allowed Pomelo to field a full arsenal of promotional outreach, then gather key engagement data on the performance of these messages that could then be collected and fed back into the system.

Branch and Voucherify: Deep Linking and Unique Promotions

That next step in this streaming flow of user data fell to Branch. This mobile linking platform specializes in making it easy for brands to leverage deep links and process the referral data that comes along with them—ensuring that users who click on links in messages are driven to specific pages within a brand’s mobile app, and that the brand can track where and how they got there. Coupled with the Braze platform’s cross-channel messaging power, Branch provided Pomelo with the ability to track the effectiveness of outreach efforts on various platforms, ensuring efficiency.

Finally, Voucherify stepped up to the plate. An API-driven sales promotion engine, Voucherify specializes in delivering personalized incentives like coupons, discounts, promo codes as well as managing referral and loyalty programs. When paired with Braze’s messaging and customization capabilities, Voucherify allowed Pomelo to create and validate a large number of unique codes and coupons that could be distributed across their audience segments at scale. Along with coupons, Voucherify powered the Refer-A-Friend program, offering personalized rewards to both advocates and their invited connections.

Pomelo’s Approach: Leveraging Custom Marketing Tools in Concert

By honing in on what each of these tools does well and the ways in which they compliment each other, Pomelo was able to deliver a data-driven, personalized promotional campaign that incentivized their customers to interact with the brand through its native app. It was a seamless experience that, from a user standpoint, delivered value and honored one’s place in the customer journey.

For Pomelo, the results were dramatic. Open rates shot up, with the referral program open rate hitting up to 50% in countries like Singapore. More impressively, utilizing these tools in execution of a multi-channel approach led to a 300% increase in conversion rates.

“We are honoured to receive Braze's Tech Partner Use Case of the Year Award. At Pomelo, we always aim to provide the best user experience possible, and we recognise that this begins with understanding the customer journey. With Braze and our partners, we've been able to leverage technology and data to further this understanding, and we're excited to continue this partnership to craft unique, personalised experiences for our customers.”

Anthony Lim
Engagement Marketing Manager, Pomelo
300% Increase in conversion rates
50% Referral program open rates

Key Takeway

When it comes to creating effective promotions, the smart and comprehensive application of collected user data to create personalized customer experiences is key. Finding the right tools to execute on that goal is important, but using them in concert can lead to even greater success, as Pomelo discovered in boosting its referral and partnership efforts.

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