How Pomelo Fashion Used Braze to Increase App Sessions and Conversions

By leveraging Braze to run a personalized push campaign, Bangkok-based ecommerce brand, Pomelo Fashion, was able to achieve an 66% increase in conversion rate, and a 126% increase in sessions.

Online retailers who follow their consumers along the customer journey can see where buyers trail off without completing a purchase. Worldwide, the online shopping abandoned cart rate is about 70%—representing a key challenge and opportunity for marketers. At leading fashion ecommerce brand Pomelo Fashion, which produces a range of stylish, affordable clothes for the digitally native female consumer, finding a way to meet that challenge was a major marketing priority, one they decided to address by leveraging Braze.

Founded in 2013 in Bangkok, Pomelo Fashion has disrupted the fast fashion industry by providing a seamless shopping experience both online and offline. Pomelo has a strong presence in Asia, with over 4 million monthly visits to their website and a 60 million monthly reach on their social media pages. As a result of being a leading fashion brand in the region, styles frequently run out of stock as customers race to buy their favorite items.

Pomelo Fashion Tested Targeted Conversion Strategies Against Control Groups

Customers take advantage of the purchase options Pomelo Fashion gives them, such as the ability to buy from specific store inventory and the ability to buy online and pick up in-store. Buying online and picking up in-store is so popular amongst customers that Pomelo has multiple pick-up only locations amongst its rapidly expanding retail portfolio. As a customer-centric company, Pomelo wanted to give customers a heads up when items they’re interested in are running low on stock. 90% of sales come from the Pomelo Fashion app, so communicating with push notifications and News Feed cards made the most sense.

At Pomelo Fashion, they knew that speaking to their customers as individuals was the key to encouraging users to re-engage after abandoning a cart. Pomelo Fashion utilized Canvas—the Braze lifecycle engagement tool—to target consumers based on their personal preferences and recently viewed items, as well as where they stopped along their purchase journey. The “Browsed Category” level and the “Added Item to Cart” level were the two stages where users were targeted for follow-up communications.

At the “Browsed Category” level, the goal was to encourage users to return to the category and view a product. Push notifications and News Feed Cards mentioned the category of clothing that a user viewed, focusing on the scarcity of products within that category. This campaign saw a 5% increase in sessions, an 84% increase in conversion rate, and a 235% increase in revenue when compared to users who didn’t receive targeted messages.

The campaign that targeted app users at the “Added Item to Cart” level also saw very successful results. The goal of this campaign was to nudge users to come back to the app to complete their order. Pomelo Fashion tested generic push notifications against hyper-personalized push that included a user’s name and an image of the low stock item that a customer had recently viewed, which was pulled into the message using the Braze platform’s Connected Connect dynamic personalization feature. This campaign drove a 126% increase in sessions and a 66% increase in conversions when compared to their generic push notifications.

Pomelo Fashion Utilized Their News Feed and Geo Push for Promotional Content

A user’s News Feed on the Pomelo Fashion app was leveraged by the brand to showcase relevant promotional content for each individual. By segmenting users based on whether they were new customers, existing customers or lapsing users, Pomelo was able to display different coupon codes in the News Feed based on user type, supporting a more targeted experience.

Geo-triggered push notifications were also used by Pomelo to send out promotional messages. When target customers were close to brick-and-mortar locations, they received notifications triggered using Braze Geofence support. These notifications highlighted new collections and offers in stores that were relevant to users based on their preferences. Other notifications alerted users about items they had recently viewed in the app and items on users’ wishlists. By leveraging Braze APIs and Connected Content, Pomelo Fashion's notifications were able to notify users when items were newly available in a given user's size.

Final Thoughts

Pomelo Fashion tackled one of the most entrenched problems ecommerce retailers face—namely, customers failing to complete a purchase after beginning the process. By skillfully utilizing data highlighting product scarcity, Pomelo sent out targeted notifications based on an app user’s viewed items that moved the needle for their engagement efforts. The success of these personalized push notifications and News Feed Cards shows how powerful testing campaigns against a control group can be.