NocNoc More than Triples Conversion Rates With Cross-Channel Engagement Journeys
207% Increase in conversion rate


NocNoc wanted to better personalize and optimize customer message timing based on each individual’s home-improvement circumstances and position in the customer lifecycle.


By building messaging flows triggered by custom events, NocNoc was able to reach their customers in the right place and at the right time, introducing products and services pertinent to their needs.


Since segmenting their user base and implementing strategic, automated methods of communication, NocNoc saw a 207% increase in conversion rate and a 30% increase in CRM order contribution.

NocNoc is Thailand’s premiere end-to-end marketplace for all things home—an all-inclusive ecosystem for furniture, home décor, and electric appliances, as well as service exchanges between sellers and buyers. NocNoc bridges connections between manufacturers, service providers, and homeowners with AI technology and industry-leading operation quality, enabling buyers to conveniently choose products, compare prices, gain access to special deals, and try out samples before purchasing.

Before Braze, NocNoc’s engagement strategy was limited to mass email marketing intended to drive traffic to the company’s website. However, the marketing team recognized opportunities for growth based on analyzing their KPIs and the overall performance of their marketing efforts. In place of a one-size-fits-all message, they wanted to reach users more strategically, utilizing segmentation, marketing automation, and personalization based on each consumer’s position in the customer lifecycle, and their specific behaviors. They chose Braze for its comprehensive marketing automation features for both web and mobile apps. These features included segmentation, real-time triggers, journey orchestration, and dynamic personalization tools.

Alloys Partnerships

Before getting started within Braze, NocNoc laid out a handful of growth-driven goals:

  • Drive high-quality traffic to the website and increase daily active users (DAU)

  • Acquire new customers to increase unique monthly users and orders

  • Cross-sell active customers to increase gross merchandise value (GMV)

  • Increase customer relationship management (CRM) order contribution

Serving Up the Right Message at the Right Time

NocNoc’s marketing team created a plan to establish distinct cross-channel engagement journeys across different user lifecycle stages (e.g. lapsed user, new user, etc.). They leveraged Braze Canvas Flow, our journey orchestration tool, to build customized flows that reached their unique segments with dynamic, personalized content.

Additionally, they utilized Braze Alloys technology partners Segment and Mixpanel to inform their segmentation efforts and enhance the customer experience through insights. NocNoc divides consumers into three categories based on their stage in their home-owning journey: Those who are building a home, those who recently purchased a home, and those in the process of redecorating their home. This approach to segmentation allows them to market the most appropriate products at the most opportune times. Additionally, they leverage action-based triggers to encourage immediate conversion based on unique actions the customer takes.

In order to level up cross-channel customer communication, NocNoc integrated in-app messages, mobile push notifications, email, and Braze Content Cards to strategically reach users at the right time and in the right place. Content Cards serve as a persistent, in-product messaging channel that helps NocNoc engage, monetize, and retain customers who are actively visiting its app or website.

They were able to build custom events within Braze, such as “product viewed” and “product added to cart,” then direct users to appropriate products or personalized coupons based on information they could safely assume about their shopping needs and desires.

NocNoc’s is excited to continue driving measurable growth using Braze, having already seen a significant increase in their DAU, order volume, and overall GMV.

“Braze helps businesses close the gap throughout the marketing funnel with personalization.”

Anupong Tasaduak
Chief Commercial Officer, NocNoc

Better Results Driven by Better Marketing

By segmenting their users, triggering custom events, and communicating more effectively across channels, NocNoc’s conversion rate and CRM order contribution shot up by 207% and 30% respectively.

207% Increase in conversion rate
30% Increase in CRM order contribution
70% Increase in CTR

Key Takeaways

  1. Mass email marketing is dead. Consumers don’t want generic brand promotion anywhere near their inboxes—they want messaging that speaks to them.

  2. Creating segments and custom events based on behaviors, actions, and preferences allow brands to effectively fulfill customers’ needs. Deliver relevant messaging where and when your customers want to be reached and you’ll be more likely to convert—and keep them coming back.