How Life360 Builds Stronger Engagement With Personalization At Scale
105% Increase in annual number of trials


Life360, the leading family location safety app, was looking to scale their cross-channel campaigns and deepen personalization, all while reducing inefficiencies and saving resources.


With Braze, Life360 was able to launch a personalized “Year in Review” campaign that instilled the value that every user can gain by using the app.


The campaign was a success, significantly enhancing user engagement and strengthening Life360's connection with its user community without requiring an overly-complex approach.

Life360 is redefining family safety and connectivity, making it easier and more reliable than ever. Their platform, powered by GPS, cellular data, and WiFi, allows users to view their loved ones' locations in real-time, with alerts for arrivals and departures at specific places, in addition to other family safety features. Committed to the mission of "keeping people close to the ones they love," Life360 offers peace of mind and security to families globally.

Aligned with this mission, Life360's Lifecycle Marketing Team works to deepen relationships with their users through a comprehensive customer engagement strategy. They guide customers through the entire journey with Life360, from initial welcome to fostering ongoing interaction. Employing a thoughtful mix of marketing tactics, the team attracts new users and nurtures a strong sense of community and loyalty for more than 55M Monthly Active Users.

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Crafting a Cohesive Multi-Channel Campaign

To underscore the value of their services, Life360 launched an integrated, dynamic, multi-channel "Year in Review'' campaign. Focusing on what would be most entertaining and relevant to their customers, Life360 began by analyzing their customer data to uncover what their customers would find the most interesting and demonstrative of Life360’s ethos.

Life360 wanted to ensure their campaign met customers where they are, and deployed messages via email, in-app messages, push notifications, and Braze Content Cards, a channel that delivers personalized and non-intrusive content within the app. The Life360 LCM team also partnered with the User Acquisition, Social, Public Relations, Product, and Data Science teams to complement the overarching campaign with a huge push across social channels, PR, and paid search—making it a truly integrated multi-channel experience.

To reach users at scale, Life360 leveraged Braze Connected Content to send personalized messages, including approximately 20 million unique in-app messages. Connected Content allowed the Life360 team to tailor each message to each user’s preferences and activities by pulling in information via API—ensuring a personalized experience without extensive data storage.

To further personalize the user experience, Life360 used Liquid code to award creative badges to users based on their personal highlights from that year. For example, if a user drove 50k miles in a year, they’d see a different badge than someone who drove 100 miles in a year. The Liquid code not only showed personalized data, like the number of miles, but also changed the creative assets, making it even more fun for family members to compare each other’s reviews.

Additionally, the Life360 team delivered the campaign via action-based triggers. For example, a swipeable Year in Review in-app message was triggered when a user opened the push notification announcing the campaign.

They were also able to add new functionality this year with Braze. In previous years, they’ve asked users to share a screenshot of their experience to be entered into a sweepstakes. This year, they coded sharing functionality into the Braze iOS in-app message, which was then passed to iOS’s native share sheet functionality. This allowed the user to share it with any pre-installed app on their device, like Messages, via the native iOS sharing feature.

Life360 also relies on Braze Alloys tech partners Amplitude and Amazon S3 to effectively and efficiently analyze and action their data. Amplitude allows anyone in the company to easily track campaign performance in real-time via a live-updating dashboard in Braze. Amazon S3 enables data storage and further analysis.

Braze has allowed our team to strategize, customize, and deliver personalized multi-channel experiences directly to our members—with proven returns on investment.

Ilya Mokhov
Sr. Manager, LCM Infrastructure, Life360

From Strategy to Success

The “Year in Review” campaign was a resounding success, hitting some remarkable milestones. It sparked a wave of user engagement, with people actively interacting and sharing their personalized “Year in Review” highlights on social media. This buzz significantly expanded the campaign's visibility and reach. The 2023 campaign boosted trials by 105% over previous year’s campaign and led to a 15X increase in customer engagement via social sharing. Year over year, 20% more users experiences the “Year in Review” personalized experiences in comparison to the year before.

In addition, by building the campaign primarily in Braze, Life360 was able to avoid doubling engineering time, which would have been necessary for such a comprehensive campaign. Moreover, the analytics dashboard in Braze gave unparalleled insights and control, enabling updates or complete pauses and restarts of the campaign. This agility was crucial and led to increased efficiency. Overall, operations were leaner, enabling the team to focus on high-impact areas, ultimately optimizing advertising and owned spending.

105% Increase in annual number of trials
15X More social sharing from customers
20% Increase in personalized experiences

Key Takeaways

  1. Embrace technology for enhanced engagement: Life360's campaign success underscores the importance of integrating advanced technology for customer engagement. Utilizing Braze for real-time tracking, personalization, and efficient data management can significantly elevate the customer experience.

  2. Multi-channel approach for broader reach: A diverse mix of channels, including emails, in-app messages, and social media platforms, can effectively broaden your campaign's reach. Life360's use of various platforms ensured more extensive and varied audience engagement, demonstrating the power of a multi-channel strategy.

  3. Personalization drives connection: The significant impact of Life360's campaign was largely due to its personalized content. Tailoring experiences to individual preferences not only boosts user engagement but also fosters a deeper connection with the brand, proving that personalization is crucial in today's digital landscape.