Glovo Personalizes Messaging and Boosts Conversions Using Canvas Audience Paths

Leading European intermediary platform Glovo partners with local merchants to bring its users anything they want. By personalizing their messaging, they were able to re-engage users and boost conversions.

Since launching in Spain in 2015, leading intermediary platform Glovo has put a new spin on the delivery marketplace by partnering with local merchants and couriers to create a true convenience economy. Glovo’s service is now available in over 1,100 cities in 24 countries worldwide, with increased expansion on the horizon and Glovo couriers have delivered over 268 million orders in the company’s quest to become the “Everything App.”

While the value of their service is apparent, as over a million completed deliveries can attest, communicating that value across nearly two dozen countries is complex. Their previous messaging had been very generalized, and Glovo needed to tap into the data they were collecting to develop more effective personalized communications to drive orders and increase frequency, their north star metric.

Personalizing the Customer Journey

Glovo started with a strong plan: Sending personalized communications on a regular basis, which would increase engagement and conversion rates. To begin these efforts, Glovo revamped their customer journey using Braze Canvas and it’s Audience Paths feature, which intuitively filter and segment users on a large scale with strategic priority-based user-groupings. These paths employ ranking criteria to ensure that each user gets the highest-value message based on their unique preferences. The Glovo CRM Team created two paths based on customer attributes they gather, and pulled them in via an integration with their data warehouse:

  • Favorite Store, aka where users have purchased the most in the past 6 months

  • Favorite Food Tag, aka type of cuisine purchases most often (based on 15 different types)

Next, they used Connected Content, our dynamic personalization tool, to pull in customized content based on those two attributes. From there, the Braze Intelligent Channel feature targets each user on their preferred channel, either push, email, or push and email. Additionally, they randomly select from four different templates so if they come back into the system for another go-round the next message will seem new and fresh.

Glovo Results: Speedy Delivery

Using Audience Paths in Canvas allowed Glovo to send highly personalized messaging to Spanish users while also increasing orders, and saving time in the process. A data-driven structure found the common elements across their customer base and then personalized each individual message with businesses and cuisines that were important to the recipient. And the entire process happens without the need to write code or involve the tech team.

"We impact users with communications that are truly relevant to them, exponentially exceeding the objectives of the department and contributing important results to the growth objectives of the global company. Thanks to Braze we can automate campaigns by spending time thinking and improving the strategies that make us better every day."

—Mireia Urmeneta, CRM WE Specialist, Glovo

"Braze enabled our team to increase orders by sending users personalized content that best fits each moment of their journey with Glovo. Its automation capabilities help our marketeers spend more time on communications strategy and less on execution"

—Natàlia Garrofé, CRM WE Lead, Glovo

Final Thoughts

Using consumer data to personalize messaging was a key step forward for Glovo. Because their brand revolves around meeting individual needs, generalized customer engagement solutions weren’t effective. By reminding their users of what they love about Glovo, the team established Glovo as an essential tool in user’s daily lives.

To learn more about the many different ways that data-driven tailoring can make your messaging vital and valuable, download the The Power of Personalization.