Clipchamp Turned To Braze To Fight Churn And Boost Engagement 600%

Creative video platform Clipchamp upgraded their messaging with Braze to precisely target lapsed users, bringing them back into the ecosystem. The most effective messaging increased win-backs by 600%.

Online video editing platform Clipchamp makes high-quality tools that are easy to use, enabling their customers to create videos that are worth sharing. Founded in Australia in 2013, the brand has signed up more than 17 million users. They’ve enjoyed explosive growth over the last year and are working to further cement their place in the creative ecosystem. Customer engagement is key for Clipchamp, since making sure that people are finding the value in the tools they provide and sharing their work drives growth.

The company had been using several different lifecycle marketing tools that didn’t integrate together, making it difficult to measure impact. Simply knowing which customers were getting which messages was a challenge. By switching to Braze, the team could accurately track outreach and ensure that each individual customer only received relevant, valuable information.

Finding Connections

Clipchamp was up and running with Braze in under a month, developing several pilot onboarding and customer milestone campaigns. This year, the team focused on bringing lapsed users back into the system, as well as driving them to join teams. The first initiative was designed to win back users who had redeemed a paid plan but then allowed it to lapse. Using in-browser messaging, they targeted an audience segment that fit those qualifications and offered a variety of offers to re-engage them. They were able to easily test different modalities, including free trials of various lengths as well as discounts, and the best-performing one resulted in a 600% lift over the control group.

Clipchamp used Braze Alloys technology partner Amplitude, a robust data analytics platform, to help better understand their users. All testing analytics is done in Amplitude, and information streams directly between the platform and Braze. Because every employee of the company has Amplitude access, this created a transparent environment where anyone could see and understand the results of campaigns and tests. The Clipchamp team stated that the Braze and Amplitude integration is one of the most useful features when it comes to supporting their customer engagement efforts.

The company also used Braze Content Cards, a persistent and flexible messaging channel, to drive users into signing up for teams. The team hypothesized that serving Content Cards to existing users who had involuntarily churned would increase payment recovery since some users did not respond to email prompts. Clipchamp created image-driven call to action in-feed cards to prompt users to update their billing details, with a significant boost in effectiveness.

Clipchamp’s Results: The Final Cut

Amplitude was able to give Clipchamp insight into their customers and their behavior beyond basic vanity metrics like email opens and clicks. Together with Braze, the Clipchamp team can now directly create more valuable messaging with precisely targeted actions.

"With Braze, we've seen great success by implementing targeting campaigns like winning back churned users, and have been able to test messaging and offers and share these insights with our wider team for the benefit of other channels like social & SEO."

—Caitlin Humble, Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Clipchamp

Final Thoughts

When marketing tools don’t communicate with each other, it makes creating effective campaigns almost impossible. With Braze and its tech ecosystem, Clipchamp was able to leverage their user data to create—and measure—more valuable messaging. For more on meaningful metrics in messaging, read the Braze Guide to Understanding Customer Engagement Benchmarks and Metrics.